The 7 Best Office Games For Every Startups or Corporates

Who says, offices are just meant entirely for working? The office is a palace where we spent most of the hours of days. We work, we discuss, we play and many more. However, putting forward the idea of implementing a sport at the office is something on-trend. Especially in startups.

Hopefully, many firms offer at least one indoor sports at their workplace.

Do you know what the objective behind this?

Research says establishing sports with work is that it helps to get to know your colleagues and others to identify you and your work and interests.

An idea of initiating a sport in the office will not only help you know people around you but will also help to make physical health better.

Needless to mention that an office sport will help you in all the aspects, including personal and professional traits.

Now, we have understood the benefits of sport. But still unknown about the type of sport that should be implemented. Let’s check out.

7 Best Office Games

Table Tennis

Here the first list comes with Table Tennis, which has become the topmost startup office sport. This miraculous game involves movement, flexibility, and fast decision making. In the office, employees can choose to play table tennis to keep them active all day.

The way how a person approaches this sport is correlated with their approach to challenges in the workplace.

Playing table tennis makes the person active physically and mentally as well. Eventually, it makes them feel confident. It is a momentary sport that requires a lot of body movement.

Many Americans firms choose to have this game in their offices as it consumes less space, it’s affordable and a good source of freshness. Google all around the world offers this game in its office for the employees’ enjoyment and increase in their ability to work at the same time.

The CTO of Lithium Technologies, Sunil Rajasekar even said that you could not be a tech company if there is no ping pong table in the office.


Football has popularity worldwide making it the topmost played sport. So taking this as an office sport would not only make the employees happy but create a sense of team leading capability. Well, this sport induces

  • team coordination
  • strive for the goal
  • execute the plan
  • skill development
  • task completion

Many firms incorporate this sport, which shows proven results in the work culture at the office.


Well, Basketball? Yes, the widely watched sport in the world. At, every office there must be a basketball enthusiast group. Playing this game at the office provides a plethora of benefits which will ultimately promote an energetic work culture at the office. It develops concentration and self-discipline.

Companies like Myntra and Vivid Seats encourage their employee to play this sport at the office.


A sport that requires strength, hand movement, eye coordination, and speed- Here comes the name Badminton. This sport best fit for office culture wherein it can be played as a casual or recreational play, or even office club competitions.

Tournaments can be carried out at the office to develop a competitive attitude among employees. Eventually, it will build a team spirit, can have fun and maintain their physical health at the same time.

Cisco Bangalore provides a lot of recreational options which includes, music rooms, gym, an indoor badminton court, etc.


Athletics?  Obviously, it might not sound like a fun game since most of us don’t love doing strenuous exercises and stretching to stay fit. If this is introduced in the co-operate organization, it will help in many ways.

Surveys suggest people are less active during their working hours, which indirectly affects economic stability. To eliminate such situations, fitness sports should be incorporated in the routine for their mental and physical health.

Adidas is a huge luxury brand and it offers such fitness training centers and programs for its workers in their offices.


Looking at the term Foosball doesn’t really make sense, then why you would want to have something which is not even relevant to the work.

Firstly, let’s understand what this sport is? Foosball is a higher version of soccer in which players are lined up and fixed on the rod to flick the ball and strike the goal.

Moreover, this sport is popular among youngsters, but many are unaware of this sport. Well, you can say football table or football soccer shorted to ‘Foosball’ is a traditional soccer table game which made a strong comeback in America and other continents as well.

Godaddy Sunnyvale, Popcap Games are some of the firms that feature this sport at their office for recreation.


Snooker is a play that has got popularity since the 19th century by British Army Officers. Wiraka Pte Ltd was established in the 1980s, which plays an essential role in promoting the game of Snooker. This table-based game can be easily installed in the offices.

Why snooker at the workplace? Because this is a sport that improves critical thinking ability extensively. And more importantly, sharpens your mind and build focus. These are the traits which are essential at work. Many American firms have this sport at the office

Advantages of offering sports at the office

Office sport encourages healthy competition and executes the correct skills in every individual. Research says socializing with co-workers for 15 minutes can enhance the performance of the employee by 20%.

This determination towards the sport will ultimately make the employees competitive, help build a good team spirit, and increase their concentration level. For this reason, starting with an office sport is always a better option for any organization or industry to get a maximum economy hike and set a healthy and fun environment for their employees.


Office sport has different kinds, and that varies from country to country. These sports should be introduced in the workplace for the betterment of the employees and indirectly, the organization’s status and position.

Well, now comments below the sport that you want to introduce at your workplace. Stay connected for more ping facts. Cheers!!!

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