10 Best Table Tennis Channels on YouTube to Learn

What if we can get faster access to all the best ping pong sites in just one click?

As in ping pong, it goes: –“EVERY BALL COUNTS”

Likewise, every solution for finding the best ping pong channel on YouTube matters. Look at the enthusiasm shown by her. She is Dorothy from Britain. Amazingly, she is in her late 80’s and still look at the spark with which she plays.

From this, it’s clear that in a world population of 7.7 billion, Ping pong is played in over 50 countries and it’s the fourth largest Paralympic sport. Read more Table tennis facts here.

Thank the world of digitalization that we don’t need to go to China in order to see a ping pong match. We can sit comfortably on our couch with some snacks on one side, and cold drinks on another with a high-speed internet connect on PC or mobile and take the pleasure of each shot also learn at the same time.

Top Ping Pong Channels on Youtube

Without wasting any further time, let’s sees the top channels which have a good number of viewers.

1. Pongfinity

Pongfinity is the funniest and creative ping pong channel; you might have come across. They do have a mind-blowing and mesmerizing ping pong videos!

Pongfinity brings you the most incredible and creative ping pong tricks. They joined YouTube on November 15, 2015, and each video also does have a sufficient number of the views along with comments.  The creative team from Finland come up with at least two creative trick videos on Table tennis every month.

Subscribers – 671K

2. International Table Tennis Federation

The International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) is an international body governing Table Tennis. It gives us the best in class ping pong information.

Official ITTF is the channel’s name who joined YouTube on March 10, 2010. They have different playlists like – Seamaster 2019 ITTF World Tour, ITTF World Events which come up with 19 videos per week.

Subscribers – 364K

3. PingSkills

PingSkills is the name of the channel, and the host is from Melbourne, Australia.  He joined YouTube on August 28, 2007. PingSkills produces ping pong coaching tutorials to help you improve your game.

Generally, they add videos on the strokes and techniques of the game. Along with that, there are recorded videos in responses to questions frequently asked them. Throughout the world, they have 188k followers.” The most important skill in Table Tennis” is the most viewed video on the channel and is also my personal favorite.

Subscribers – 189K

4. TableTennisDaily

This is where all the latest media of table tennis is covered from behind the scenes, training hall footage, interviews, equipment reviews, and many more. A 27 years Guy named Dan Founded TableTennisDaily in the year 2010. Moreover, he takes a different approach to the channel by sharing different aspects of ping pong and table tennis sport.

Well, a video where Dan Visited Germany to review Best Table Tennis Robot, which is an amazing video which reached 2,533,453 views

Subscribers – 110K

5. Tom Lodziak

Need the best lessons regarding Ping-Pong? You are at the right place. In this channel, the best lessons are being provided on this channel by which it helps in the enhancement and improvement of skills! These videos are fundamentally for novice players, intermediates and those contending in beginner-level competitions.

Along with, there are many videos that include tips from the YouTuber itself and other coaches and players including Paul Drinkhall, Craig  Bryant and Eli Baraty.

He generally comes up with one video a month which covers table tennis tutorials and training drills along with examples is interesting and to be acknowledged. He joined YouTube on October 11, 2011.

Subscribers – 74K

6. Ttlondon2012

This is an Official YouTube Channel of the World’s Best Table Tennis YouTuber. Well, his name is Thorsten, and he has been guiding every player – be it naive or experienced. Apart from this, he has been working for the International Table Tennis Federation popularly known as (ITTF) and for the German Tischtennis Bundesliga.

Usually, he comes up with six videos per week and joined YouTube on September 14, 2012. You’ll learn various tricks and techniques and the procedures that are used by the established players.


7. EmRatThich Table Tennis Coach

Since 2011 this Vietnamese Table tennis coach train young players. He joined youtube on May 12, 2012, since then he used to post lessons on Table tennis every Sunday. With the help of Chinese training skill, he gives the ping pong fans the correct ways to improve quickly in ping pong or table tennis.

Subscribers – 63k

8.Table Tennis University

This channel provides many useful and beneficial table tennis or ping pong coaching videos which will rapidly improve and enhance your playing skills and make you a kind of dominant player. You’ll learn the advanced strategies used by the professional player to win the match.

This is one of the oldest table tennis Youtuber who joined YouTube since August 11, 2007.  They come up with one video every month and provides special guidelines to the young and enthusiastic player.

Subscribers – 55k

At the end

Ping pong is the second most complete sport after swimming, but to be honest, it’s the first sport can be enjoyed by individuals of all age groups. Hope you enjoyed it. Comment Below. Cheers!

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