10 Best Ping Pong Paddle Reviews of 2019 + Racket Buying Guide

Since you’re here for the best ping pong paddle, let us explain why it’s a very wise move by you.

Famous player like Ma Long uses personalised paddle which is not available for public. That shows the importance of a paddle/ racket for any ping pong player.  Though you can’t get Ma Long’s paddle, we’ll help you to pick the best one.

But there’re a ton of varieties. What’s the difference?

In contrast to average ping pong paddles, the best ones provide better control, give extra speed on smashes and have a backside which grips the ball better – thereby allowing you to get an additional spin on your returns.

Need more reasons to pay the extra price?

The best ping pong paddle come in both penhold and straight handle design.

  • You might choose the straight paddles if you want to impart greater force to your return – or you have an aggressive style of play
  • You might choose the penhold handle design if you want to impart greater spin to your return – or you have a defensive style of play

Hence the reason why after taking into consideration various factors including the type of handle, type of rubber, the material of the paddle and number of layers, we’ve rounded up the top ten ping pong paddles recommendations for you.

List of Best Table Tennis Paddle Reviews

Killerspin JET200 – Best for Beginners

Killerspin JET200 Table Tennis Paddle
399 Reviews
Killerspin JET200 Table Tennis Paddle

  • Weight: 6.20 ounces
  • Construction: Wood
  • Performance Ratings: Speed: 6.0, Spin 7.0, Control: 8.5
  • Layers: 5
  • Handle type: Flared
  • Warranty: 30 days

Five plies of premium, lightweight wood. High-end rubber. Three eye-pleasing colors – lime, mocha, and navy blue. Plus a bargain price. These are some of the reasons why we recommend the Killerspin JET200 for budding players.

It has a flared wooden handle which results in balanced weight distribution throughout the blade – so you could play with the JET200 for hours without straining your hand muscles. The adherent rubber on its backside allows you to impart not only extra spin but also extra power to your shots.

What’s more, the flexible PVC which covers the perimeter of this blade makes it durable. Then there is the 1.8mm thick sponge which allows you to use the paddle for faster, offensive play. You also get a 30-day money-back warranty to test the paddle just in case.

On top of everything else, the elastic of this paddle plays its part in reinforcing your assault. Also provided in the package of this model is a memory book. It’s your choice as to whether you intend to use it for recording memorable games or just to keep track of the score.

As you might have guessed by now, it is the flared handle of the JET200 which separates it from the competition. It provides the player with more control over the movement of the blade. That, in turn, would give you more confidence as your gameplay and ball control would get better.
  • Gives good control
  • Comes with a memory box
  • Flared handle is easy to hold
  • Not for experts

STIGA Pro Carbon – Best for Professionals

STIGA Pro Table Tennis Racket
759 Reviews
STIGA Pro Table Tennis Racket

  • Weight: 6.53 ounces
  • Construction: Carbon fiber and Wood
  • Performance Ratings: Speed: 9.9, Spin 10, Control: 8
  • Layers: 7
  • Handle type: Flared
  • Warranty: N/A

Rated 99 for spin and 100 for speed, the Stiga Pro Carbon ping pong paddle is designed for professionals who want to take their game to the next level. With two layers of high-performance carbon existing between the visible-from-outside wood, it should go without saying that it provides extreme speed and power.

Furthermore, to make sure spin isn’t left behind, STIGA has prepared this racket with Nano Composite Technology. That has resulted in the creation of minuscule air capsules in this model’s rubber to provide maximum elasticity.

Since its recess is strategically positioned in the handle, you are bound to get more sensitivity. The usage of Crystal technology, meanwhile, has hardened the surface of this blade to let it impart more speed to your shots.

Lastly, since it has a lightweight construction and uses Balsa Technology, you can expect this blade to improve your reaction time. Further sweetening the deal is the fact that you can use this racket in tournaments since it has ITTF approved rubber.

Two specific features are what make this blade special. Its usage of Crystal Technology has allowed STIGA to harden the surface of this blade to the maximum-approved limit – thereby allowing you to get as much speed on your strokes as you want.

Second, to improve the precision of your strokes, STIGA has shifted this blade’s balance to the point where it would come into contact with the ball. That means that you can be sure that it won’t result in many stray shots.

  • Improved ball sensitivity
  • Brilliant rate of recovery
  • Has ITTF Approved rubber
  • More speed for your strokes
  • Might not be as good for playing spin shots

Killerspin JET800 Speed N1

Killerspin JET800 Speed N1 Ping Pong Paddle
361 Reviews
Killerspin JET800 Speed N1 Ping Pong Paddle

  • Weight:6.7 ounces
  • Construction: Carbon fiber and Wood
  • Performance Ratings: Speed: 9.5, Spin 9, Control: 8
  • Layers: 7
  • Handle type: Straight
  • Warranty: 30-day

Had it not been for the Stiga Pro Carbon ping pong paddle– which wins the day with its slightly leaner price tag – the Killerspin JET800 would have been our top pick. It features a 7-ply design (5 extra-light wood and 2 carbon fiber) which makes this paddle an appetizing option for those with an offensive style of play.

Additionally, since it has dual layers of carbon fibers, you can expect this racket to easily absorb shock before releasing the same in the form of sound vibrations. Also, when compared to the Stiga Pro Carbon, the JET800 has a lighter handle, one which lets this racket impart extra speed to your strokes.

Also, since this blade has a straight handle – which is one where the grip gets bigger as it moves downwards – you won’t experience the problem of the paddle slipping out of your sweaty hand. The tape covering its sides, meanwhile, mimics the real-wood that it covers to give you a good grip on the racket.

Other than that, the presence of 2 Nitrix 4Z rubbers – both of whom measure 2.0mm thick – generates high tension and provide more speed on the rebound by not letting the ball sink into the sponge and rubber.

One particular feature of this blade which has its users going lyrical about its performance is the speed that it generates. That shouldn’t come as a surprise now that you’ve read what the likes of 2 Nitrix 4Z rubbers and a dual-layer of carbon fiber could do.

Having said that, if you’re a player who believes in defeating the opposition with speedy returns and smashing services, the support that this blade would provide you in achieving that end might end up surprising you (for good).

  • Dual-layer carbon fibers
  • 2 Nitrix 4Z rubbers
  • 7-ply design adds stability
  • Pricey

Butterfly 401 FL

Butterfly 401 Table Tennis Racket Set
279 Reviews
Butterfly 401 Table Tennis Racket Set

  • Weight: 3 ounces
  • Construction: All Wood
  • Performance Ratings: Speed: 8, Spin 8, Control: 8.5
  • Layers: 5
  • Handle type: Flared
  • Warranty: 30-day

The Butterfly 401 is yet another paddle which came to dethrone the STIGA Pro Carbon but fell just short because of its slightly less speed. That’s because while the Pro Carbon has two layers of carbon fiber, but all the five layers of the 401 are wood.

However, what it lacks in speed, the presence of Butterfly Yuki rubber on both sides allows this racket to make up in a spin. It lets you grip the paddle in a flared style to ensure that with the handle getting wider as it extends downwards, it becomes easier to grip.

One area where the 401 leaves the Pro Carbon behind is the thickness of its sponge. It comes with a 2.1mm thick sponge (the Pro Carbon stopped short at 2.0mm) which not only imparts better spin to the ball but also provides it with more speed than what it arrived.

Finally, since this racket meets all the standards which ITTF sets for its blades, you can use it in all authorized tournaments. And when you do that, the gift box in which this package is delivered – which contains a blade case to let you protect it from dirt – will most definitely come handy.

Most of the users of this blade were impressed with the quality of its Yuki Rubbers. They cover both the sides of the blade and enable it to make a better connection with the ball. That, in turn, allows you to generate more spin on the return.

What’s more, since the rubber has pimples on both sides, you’d get the same shot whether you intend to play forehand or backhand shots.

  • Thick 2.1mm sponge
  • Comes with a paddle case
  • Easy-to-grip handle
  • Prone to catching dirt

JOOLA Infinity Edge

JOOLA Infinity Edge
42 Reviews
JOOLA Infinity Edge

  • Weight: 8.82 ounces
  • Construction: Wood + Carbon
  • Performance Ratings: Speed: 95, Spin 94, Control: 94
  • Layers: 7
  • Handle type: Flared
  • Warranty: N/A

Available in three colors – dark blue, light blue and red – the Joola Edge comes with a smooth inverted surface whose large speed spot allows fast hitting. It has a flared grip handle for effortless play and provides a brilliant combination of control, speed, and spin to give an all-round experience.

Joola relied on Driver 42 rubber to cover the backside of the Infinity Edge. Though not the best on the market, this firm, and tacky rubber will suit those who prefer speed over spin. Still, if your style of play is defensive, the thickness of the rubber will help make your shots unpredictable to your competitor.

Finally, since this paddle meets the ITTF regulation size, you can use it in any tournament without coming in the crosshairs of regulations. Also, as it is available in quite a lot of sizes, even kids can take advantage of the features of this racket.

Regardless of the way you look at it, it is the 7-ply layers of the Joola Infinity Edge – all of whom are there to serve a special purpose – which make this paddle truly special. For instance, its innermost layer is made of Hinoki wood, which is famous for fast hitting.

The 2nd layer from the bottom, which is made of Koto wood, allows you to reply with a quick counterattack. The next two layers are made of carbon to provide this blade with more speed and a larger sweet spot, with the last layer, which emanates from Ayous wood, making this paddle easy to control.

  • Larger sweet spot
  • Fast hitting
  • PVC edges to protect sides
  • Heavy

STIGA Titan T1260

Cornilleau - 250S Crossover Outdoor Table
363 Reviews
Cornilleau - 250S Crossover Outdoor Table

  • Weight:5.29 ounces
  • Construction: All Wood
  • Performance Ratings: Speed: 8, Spin 7.7, Control: 8.2
  • Layers: 5
  • Handle type: Concave
  • Warranty: N/A

The Stiga Titan T1260 table tennis paddle is a beginner-level blade which is priced on the cheaper end of the spectrum. Its paddle consists of 5-plywood and is reinforced by STIGA’s Crystal Technology to harden its surface and provide better speed.

Also, the T1260 relies on STIGA’s very own inverted rubber to impact a good amount of spin to your returns. It also features a concave handle whose shape complements the contours of your hand and is therefore very easy to grip.

Furthermore, one area where this blade really shines is with teaching you the correct stroke mechanics. Since you’re getting only a mid-quality sponge and blade, you’d have to learn how to precisely guide the ball to where you want to pitch it. That, in turn, help you in improving your game.

For a blade which doesn’t cost you to rob a bank, the STIGA Titan T1260 is extremely lightweight due to the presence of STIGA’s Triumph inverted rubber. That allows you to keep on playing with this racket for extended periods without straining your muscles.
  • Provides great control
  • Adds good spin on returns
  • Competitively priced
  • Slow

DHS Hurricane-II

49 Reviews

  • Weight:5.89 ounces
  • Construction: All Wood
  • Performance Ratings: Speed: 8.5, Spin 9.3, Control: 8.0
  • Layers: 5
  • Handle type: Flared
  • Warranty: N/A

The DHS Hurricane II is a premium ping pong paddle which you can use for playing both at home and in tournaments. It comes with its own carry case and has a flared handle which grips nicely to provide a comfortable playing experience.

One thing which you may note while playing with this paddle is its relatively large size – one which helps you in finding its sweet spot. Turn it around, and you’d see the usage of dimpled rubber on the backside of this blade to let you add extra spin to your returns.

To further sweeten the deal, DHS has provided this blade with dual-purpose rubbers. For instance, if you intend to be on the offensive, the red side would reinforce your forearm swings. The black side, meanwhile, is for those players who prefer defensive play.

Most of its users have liked the overall package in which the Hurricane II is delivered. Apart from the paddle, the package contains a zippered carrying case to protect this paddle from humidity and dirt. You also get a wrist guard, and a pack of 10 finger sleeves is also included.

And that’s not all. You get a pair of balls – both white – so that you don’t have to purchase one to start playing.

  • Spin-focussed
  • Comes with a carry case
  • Lightweight and an extra-long handle
  • Smells at first

STIGA Supreme Performance

STIGA Supreme Table Tennis Racket
318 Reviews
STIGA Supreme Table Tennis Racket

  • Weight: 4.94 ounces
  • Construction: All Wood
  • Performance Ratings: Speed: 9, Spin 9.2, Control: 8.9
  • Layers: 6
  • Handle type: Flared
  • Warranty: N/A

Whether you’re a defensive or an offensive player, the STIGA Supreme Performance paddle has got something to offer. It comes with a 2mm thick sponge which gives this racket an increased cushion to let you play a controlled defensive game.

Furthermore, since it has 6-plies of wood, this blade provides the elasticity which is necessary for those who want to impart more speed to their strokes. Also, while it doesn’t have any layer of carbon fibers.

Supreme Performance has the next best thing in the shape of STIGA Tube technology. This technology works by filling the middle veneer of this blade with micro-channel lengthways. These channels are then filled with lightweight wood to decrease the weight of this blade. You also get STIGA’s very own Crystal technology with this racket, which uses hydrophilic gel lacquer to increase speed.

On top of everything else, STIGA relied on weight balance technology to let you grip this paddle without straining your hands. The presence of future inverted rubber on this blade’s backside, meanwhile, would give an extra spin to your strokes.

Luckily for you, there’s no single feature which differentiates the Supreme Performance from other paddles in this review. Instead, it is the rating of this paddle (Speed: 9.0, Spin 9.2, Control 8.9) – which emanates from the combo of all other features – which sets this racket apart.
  • Well-balanced paddle
  • 2mm thick sponge
  • Adds excellent spin
  • Pricey

Ping Pong Paddle JT-700

Ping Pong Paddle JT-700
39 Reviews
Ping Pong Paddle JT-700

  • Weight: 6.88 ounces
  • Construction: All Wood
  • Performance Ratings: Speed: 82, Spin 91, Control: 79
  • Layers: 5
  • Handle type: Flared
  • Warranty: 30-day limited

The Ping Pong Paddle JT-700 is designed for those of you whose aggressive gameplay involves a lot of spins. Thanks to its 2mm rubber sponge and 5-ply design, this racket will provide you with lots of backspin and topspin whenever you need them.

While this feature doesn’t have any influence on its performance, the fact that the JT-700 comes in five different colors plus a player carrying case means that regardless of anything else, this table tennis paddle won’t go unnoticed in your hands.

On towards more important features, and its ratings make clear that this racket has sacrificed a bit of control. Though players always demand more control, the manufacturer of this blade – by preferring speed and spin over control – has shown that your gameplay can benefit by sacrificing a bit of control.

Some of you might have noticed that so far we haven’t discussed the handle of this paddle. Well, that’s because it’s its handle, more than anything else, which makes the JT-700 endearing to its users.

Thanks to its flared design – one in which the handle extends outwards towards the bottom – it conveniently and comfortably fits into your hand. More importantly, even during extended gaming sessions, the extra width on offer would prevent the handle from slipping away.

  • Stylish design
  • High-quality flared handle
  • Comes with a 30-day risk-free guarantee
  • Slightly heavy

STIGA Carbo 7.6

STIGA Carbo 7.6 Table Tennis Blade
1 Reviews
STIGA Carbo 7.6 Table Tennis Blade

  • Weight: 3.14 ounces
  • Construction: Wood+ Carbon
  • Performance Ratings: Speed: 9.3, Spin 0, Control: 6.0
  • Layers: 13
  • Handle type: Flared
  • Warranty: N/A

A claim which you can verify by merely looking at this paddle, STIGA claims that they decided to launch the Carbon 7.6 after repeated demands from players who wanted an extra-fast blade. However, while it is ultra-fast, you cannot use this blade in tournaments since it doesn’t meet ITTF requirements.

In contrast to your average paddle – which has to abide by the maximum limit of 7 layers, this paddle has 13 layers (7 wood and 6 carbon). STIGA has made this design possible by filling the veneer between two successive wood layers with microscopic carbon layers.

Furthermore, for a blade of this speed, Carbon 7.6 is very easy to control. That’s because the weight balance technology which you can find in other STIGA rackets is also available here. That control, in turn, allows you to land those cheeky topspins on the table with ease.

Lastly, when dealing with returns, this blade won’t sting your hands with vibrations – which is a hallmark of cheap paddles who take the ‘sting’ out of the incoming ball by dissipating the movement in your hands. Instead, it is capable of handling vibrations without forcing your hand to ‘feel’ them.

Although you can’t use this paddle in tournaments, STIGA has provided it with one quality which most tournament paddles offer: WRB system.

The system here remove the weight from the handle to move the center of gravity close to the outer edge of the table tennis paddle. This arrangement empowers the head of the racket to accelerate faster, thereby giving you an edge when playing against an offensive player.

  • WRB system
  • Extremely speed
  • Gives a brilliant feel
  • Not easy to control

Buying Guide – How to choose a Ping Pong Paddle

In contrast to, say, ping pong tables, ping pong paddles are more customizable. That means that it is highly plausible that the paddle which is complementing your friend’s gameplay might not suit you. So before you choose a best ping pong paddle, ask yourself what you want from it.

First of all, know your Ping Pong Paddle

Type of Handle/Grip

When it comes to how you could grip them, ping pong paddles provide you with options: penhold (PH), flared (FL), anatomic (AN) and straight (ST).

  • Penhold handle: It allows you to keep your wrist flexible and add more speed to the returns.
  • Flared handle: Mostly used by beginners, these handles allow easier grip. Also, the length of these handles allows you to make speedy forehand shots.
  • Straight handle: This grip should be used by players who frequently change their grips, which is what most professionals do.
  • Anatomical handle: Most comfortable of the lot, these handles are shaped to complement the contours of your hand’s grip.

The Material of the Paddle

You have three choices when selecting the material of the paddle. They include multi-layer wood blades, multi-layer wood blades with fillers, and lightweight wood blades.

  • Multi-layer, wood only: Available in different names such as Allround, Allround+, OFF-, OFF+ and OFF, most players prefer these blades. That’s because they provide the best of everything: optimum speed, control, and spin.
  • Multi-layer wood with filler: Preferred by elite players, such blades have a combination of wood and carbon fiber. They aren’t as good at adding spin, but they do provide maximum speed.
  • Lightweight wood: As you might guess, such blades are the most basic type. Their inexpensive price tag and easy-to-use design make these blades alluring to amateur players.

Type of Rubber

As far as the type of rubber is concerned, most paddles offer one of these two types: pimpled rubber and firm rubber.

  • Pimpled Rubber: Choose the pimpled rubber for the backside of your handle if you like defensive play and love adding spin to your returns.
  • Firm Rubber: If your style of play is aggressive – and you tend to prefer speed over spin – the thickness of a firm rubber will provide you exactly that.

Type of Sponge

Sponges – a layer which connects your blade with the rubber – are divided into two types based on their thickness. Preferring one over the other would influence how your blade will perform.

  • Thick Sponge: With its thickness north of 2.0mm, a thick sponge empowers the paddle for more attacking, faster play.
  • Thin Sponge: Defensive players prefer thinner sponge because it allows the paddle to grip the ball better to provide more spin.

Number of Layers

Even though the number of layers in a blade can range from 1 to all the way to 7, we’d only discuss 5- and 7-ply blades because they are more popular.

  • 5-ply blade: Such blades have 3 layers of wood and 2 layers of a filler – as IFTT requires that ping pong blades should have at least 85% wood. When compared with their 7-ply counterparts, these blades tend to be slower and are used for defensive play.
  • 7-ply blade: Since they have more layers of a filler – which, in most cases, is carbon fiber – such blades tend to be extremely fast. Which is why they are used by players who have an offensive style of play.

Ping Pong Paddle FAQs

Following are some of the questions which people frequently have about ping pong blades:

Q: How to keep the paddle sticky?

A: To keep your ping pong paddle sticky for longer periods, cover it with an adhesive plastic sheeting once you’re done playing. In addition to protecting it from dirt, the adhesive will add a little tack of its own to the paddle’s rubber.

Q: How to clean the paddle?

A: To clean your ping pong paddle, all you need is a bowl full of water and a towel. Dampen the towel with water, squeeze it to ensure there aren’t any drops of water and caress the blade with the towel. Move the towel in circular motions to ensure that every inch of the paddle is covered.

Q: How to store the paddle?

A: To store your paddle, you have two options: use the case which comes with the paddle or buys one. Whatever option you decide to choose, make sure the paddle isn’t directly exposed to UV, as it breaks down rubber which becomes non-tacky and hard.


In addition to your style of play, you also have to take into consideration the level at which you intend to play before choosing a best table tennis racket. Once you’ve done that, only then should you look at the features mentioned above in the buying guide. Provided you do that, there is no reason why you can’t get a paddle which complements your gameplay.

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