We Reviewed 10 Best Ping Pong Tables of 2019 (Indoor & Outdoor)

We interviewed  8 professional ping pong players, read dozens of online reviews and reviewed 30 of the most popular ping pong tables on the market – by checking their design (tabletop, frame & legs), portability (wheels’ size &collapsibility) type (Compact, Midsize, indoor and outdoor) and safety features(brakes on wheels and protective corners).

Consequently, we now have the ten top rated tables for you. Remember, don’t go for ping pong tables under $300 or $200. You’ll never get the quality. Also the color blue or green doesn’t matter;  it’s just personal preference.

And the best part about our review? We’re going to give you a bonus tip at the end. Let’s dig into it

The Best Ping Pong Table

The best one for indoor may not be the best one for outdoor because they are different. For example, outdoor table tennis tables can withstand direct sunlight, but the indoor models aren’t. We can give you dozens of cases why you shouldn’t use indoor tables outside and vice versa. Let’s skip that thing for now.

We have divided these tables into two categories. For easy navigation, we have added two shortcut buttons here. If you are a newbie and finding difficulties while choosing the right type, then pick the indoor one.

Outdoor Ping Pong Table

Cornilleau 250S Crossover

Cornilleau - 250S Crossover Outdoor Table
10 Reviews
Cornilleau - 250S Crossover Outdoor Table

  • Weight: 64kg
  • Frame height: 40mm
  • Tabletop thickness: 5mm
  • Wheels’ size: 32 x 200mm
  • Guarantee: 10 years

The Cornilleau 250S Crossover boasts a 1 ½’’ galvanized steel frame to ensure level playing surface on all terrains. Its tabletop has a patented Soft Mat coating which reduces glare by up to three times and is covered with a 5mm resin laminate to provide a hard playing surface.

On top of that, you get a weatherproof coating to keep the ill-effects of humidity, moisture, and UV rays at bay. The net system which is provided in its package is not only weather resistant but also lets you adjust its height and tension. You can also fold the net once you’re done playing.

Underneath the table, the 250S provides adjustable legs which are encased in resin to reinforce the table’s stability. Both the legs contain a mini-storage area near the bottom which can house up to 4 racquets and 8 balls simultaneously.

Come further down, and you’d see the 200 mm oversized twin wheels of this model. With their ultra-robust design, these wheels provide unique clearance and maneuverability. The brakes on the wheels, meanwhile, are a much-needed safety feature which this model provides.

What makes this unit a must-have is its foldability. Provided you’re alone and can find no mate to play; you don’t have to wait for someone to join you. All you have to do, instead, is to fold this model (its 16-point locking system will make sure it stays folded) and embark on a playback mode.
  • Lockable wheels
  • 16-point locking system
  • On-board storage area for racquets
  • Doesn’t have protective corners

Cornilleau 400M Crossover

Cornilleau - 400M Crossover Outdoor Table
7 Reviews
Cornilleau - 400M Crossover Outdoor Table

  • Weight: 152 pounds
  • Frame height: 50mm
  • Tabletop thickness: 6mm
  • Wheels’ size: 32 x 200mm
  • Guarantee: 10 years

Compare this with the abovementioned 250S Crossover, and you’d find out that the Cornilleau 400M fares better in at least two areas. First, while the former has a 5mm resin laminate surface, this ping pong table comes with a 6mm thick surface – thereby ensuring better ball bounce.

Second, in contrast to its counterpart, the 400M Crossover has protective pads on its corners. Apart from protecting the knees of adults, these pads would ensure that your kids and the elderly remain safe in the vicinity of the table.

Other than that, this model comes with the same 200mm oversized wheels which we saw on the previous model. Its legs, meanwhile, have been reinforced with a steel insert. Add to the equation their wide pad, and you can easily adjust the height of the legs to get optimum levelness.

Furthermore, it has been the hallmark of almost all Cornilleau tables, the 400M Crossover also provides an onboard storage area for racquets and balls. Foot-activated brakes are on the outer-side of all four wheels to provide additional safety.

For, supported with a 6mm resin laminate surface, not only does this table become impervious to all sort of environmental irritants – but it also boasts a glare reduction of up to 10x. That means if you want to, you can play on this model on the summer beach. That’s how extraordinary its glare-reduction is!

In case you were wondering why we talked so little about this model’s tabletop in the previous section, it’s because that’s exactly what sets this model apart.

Moreover, It’s ITTF (International Table Tennis Federation) Approved. Which is a good sign off-course.

  • 10x glare reduction
  • Wheelchair friendly
  • Has a galvanized steel frame
  • Isn’t that easy to assemble

STIGA XTR Outdoor – Under $1000

STIGA XTR Outdoor Table Tennis Table
686 Reviews
STIGA XTR Outdoor Table Tennis Table

  • Weight: 75kg
  • Frame height: 30’’
  • Tabletop thickness: N/A
  • Wheels’ size: 3’’
  • Warranty: 1 year

In direct contrast to the Cornilleau 400M Crossover, the STIGA XTR Outdoor comes 95% preassembled right out of the box. That means that you won’t have to expend much effort or time in trying to get the whole operation set up.

More importantly, this model has a 6mm aluminum top which provides it with all-weather performance. Also, like most tables on the market, the XTR has a 2-piece design. This arrangement allows you to fold both the halves and move the unit around easily.

Furthermore, it contains 1.25’’ rugged steel legs with a welded cross brace to ensure ultimate stability. All the legs have adjustable rubber leg levelers using which you can make this table sit flat on an otherwise uneven surface.

Lastly, while its wheels aren’t as large as those of the Cornilleau tables we have reviewed earlier, their 3’’ width won’t pose any hindrance when you’re moving the table around. You also get front-facing locks on all wheels which can be activated by the mere press of your toe.

The STIGA XTR Outdoor provides not one but two unique selling points – the first of which is its unique Safety Latch System. Located on the underside of the table, it locks both the halves in upright positions to make sure that when folded, the table won’t open accidentally and injure someone.

Secondly, all the legs of this model come with a self-leveling feature. Once you’re unfolding the table, all the legs would automatically (though slowly) open up to aid you in the table’s assembly.

  • Comes 95% pre-assembled
  • 25’’ rugged steel legs
  • Safety Latch System
  • Self-leveling legs
  • Isn’t that good at reducing glare

Kettler Champ 5.0 Outdoor

Kettler Champ 5.0 Outdoor Table Tennis Table
27 Reviews
Kettler Champ 5.0 Outdoor Table Tennis Table

  • Weight: 84kg
  • Frame height: 30’’
  • Tabletop thickness: 7/8’’
  • Wheels’ size: 5’’
  • Warranty: 5 years (residential)

The Kettler Champ 5.0 is one of those outdoor ping pong tables which come laden with high-end features. To illustrate this point, consider the ALU-TEC climate control underside of this model which all but eliminates the problem of warping.

Furthermore, in addition to providing a realistic bounce, its scratch-resistant 7/8mm aluminum composite top also protects the table from fading and UV rays. All the legs of this model are provided with levelers so as to make sure that the table is always even on the ground.

Like most other tables in this review, the Champ 5.0 provides its wheels with a safety lock system. Once you have the table where you want it, the locking system will secure it in place. Also, since it has a low center of gravity, moving this table around is a cinch.

Finally, to prevent you from losing your accessories, both the sides of the table have a handy little holder. It can house up to two blades and four balls at the same time. And guess what, if you order this model, you’d get the likes of ping pong balls, a table cover and two Kettler 5.0 bats in the package.

What sets this model apart from any other ping pong table in this review is its 5.5’’ dual wheels.

Apart from their huge width – the widest of any model’s wheels in this review – their rubberized surface means that you can transport this model whenever and wherever you want. That’s a pretty handy feature for an outdoor table since rarely if ever, you’re going to place them in a single place for long.

  • 5’’ dual casters
  • Resin apron prevents warping
  • Patented locking mechanism
  • Offers convenient accessories in the package
  • $50 discount going on via Amazon deals.
  • Assembly takes two hours


JOOLA NOVA - Outdoor Table Tennis Table
734 Reviews
JOOLA NOVA - Outdoor Table Tennis Table

  • Weight: 65kg
  • Frame height: 30’’
  • Tabletop thickness: 6mm
  • Wheels’ size: 3’’
  • Warranty: 1 year

First things first, the fact that the Joola Nova outdoor has an aluminum composite top provides it with two benefits. First, the strength of the 6mm thick top enables it to last throughout the years. Second, it has a weatherproof coating to handle whatever the environment can throw at it.

Moving on, to eliminate the probability of the table warping under pressure, an undercarriage of 40mm PVC reinforces it from beneath. You also get 2-inch steel legs with levelers to stabilize the table and corner protection pads to ensure your own safety.

Additionally, it offers a playback feature – which means you can fold one end of the table to play against it if you want to. It’s 72’’ weather-resistant net comes with an automatic retraction system, and the wheels of this model have a double-locking system for more safety.

Finally, while some other models in this review are difficult to assemble – such as the Kettler Champ 5.0 – it shouldn’t take you more than 15 minutes to get the Joola Nova up and running. That’s because all you have to do to assemble it is to attach the legs and wheels and screw in 8 bolts.

Check out the video for more info :

Undoubtedly, it is the PVC piping underneath the Joola Nova that sets it apart from the competition. Rust-proof and sturdy, it empowers the table to withstand the extremes of pressure and temperature. In practical terms, it means that you could count on this model. Why? Because this table won’t warp under pressure. Next, do you know Joola is the official table supplier brand for USATT (United State of American Table Tennis) ?
  • Rust-resistant PVC undercarriage
  • Has an automatic net-retraction system
  • Corner protecting pads
  • Onboard storage for balls and racket
  • White-colored side marks might fade over time

Indoor Ping Pong Table

Joola Inside Table Tennis Table

JOOLA Inside - Professional MDF Indoor Table Tennis Table
3687 Reviews
JOOLA Inside - Professional MDF Indoor Table Tennis Table

  • Weight: 137kg
  • Frame height: 30’’
  • Tabletop thickness: 25mm
  • Wheels’ size: 3’’
  • Warranty: 1 year

The Joola Inside is one of those unique table tennis table which provide a rare combo of budget price and tournament-grade performance. It comes with separate folding halves that allow you to set up the table easily and has dual locking devices to make sure the table stays that way.

Furthermore, with its four 3’’ locking casters, you can easily transport this model. You also get height levelers on its legs to get a leveled playing surface on any terrain. Its net, meanwhile, offers a tension adjustment feature to let you have the perfect net setup.

As for the table itself, it features a 25mm thick MDF layer which provides not only reliable but also consistent ball bounce. And the best thing about the table? It comes 90% pre-assembled. So all you have to do to start playing on it is to use the 8 bolts to attach the legs and clamp on the net.

Lastly, to make sure the table lasts years on end, Joola provides extra support to it via the powder-coated undercarriage. Apart from not catching rust itself, the undercarriage would protect the table from warping under pressure.

Among all the notable safety features that this model provides – and it provides a fair amount of them – the one which its users appear to like the most is the presence of protective corners on edges.

It is a hugely important feature regardless of whether adults or kids are playing on the table – as it prevents your body parts from coming into contact with that end of the table which, if left uncovered, might end causing a serious injury.

  • Less assembly time
  • Sturdy 25mm wood composite surface
  • Protective corners and rust-resistant undercarriage
  • Separate folding halves
  • Extremely heavy

STIGA Advantage Competition – Value for the Money

STIGA Advantage Indoor Table Tennis Table
2949 Reviews
STIGA Advantage Indoor Table Tennis Table

  • Weight: 86kg
  • Frame height: 30’’
  • Tabletop thickness: 15 mm
  • Foldability: Yes
  • Wheels’ size: 3’’
  • Warranty: 1 year

If you are looking for a cheap alternative, this one is for you. Ask any professional to recommend you the two top tables in the market, and it is inevitable that at some point of the discussion, the comparison of Stiga Advantage Vs Joola Inside would come up. Both these tables are market leaders in their own right, which means you can’t ignore either.

While the Joola inside has a 25mm MDF playing surface, the Stiga Advantage lags with its 15mm thick tabletop. Other than that, there’s little to separate the two. Both come with the same 1.5’’ powder-coated legs and let you split them into two halves for easy storage.

That said, one area where the STIGA Advantage performs better is during its assembly. It comes with a zero-gravity technology which helps in distributing the table’s weight evenly whether you’re assembling it or putting it away.

Furthermore, both of them offer a 72” net with tension adjustment and clamp-style attachment. While the former lets you easily adjust the net, the clamp-on feature makes removing and assembling the net a cinch. What’s more, both also offer welded steel tube aprons to ensure even bounce.

Undoubtedly, Stiga Advantage is the most affordable and best ping pong table for the money .

Although this model has put extreme emphasis on its performance, it hasn’t done the same at the cost of ignoring its safety duties.

Clamping on to the underside of the table, the safety latch system locks the Stiga Advantage into an upright position. That, in turn, makes sure that the table doesn’t open unexpectedly whether or not you’re playing on it.

  • Safety Latch system
  • 2’’ steel tube aprons
  • 3’’ casters with locks
  • Heavy-duty net
  • Warranty could have been better

JOOLA Rally TL 300 – Under $500

JOOLA Rally TL 300 Indoor Table Tennis Table
588 Reviews
JOOLA Rally TL 300 Indoor Table Tennis Table

  • Weight: 87kg
  • Frame height: 30’’
  • Tabletop thickness: 15mm
  • Wheels’ size: 3’’
  • Warranty: 1 year

Provided you’re looking for a cool, easy-to-store and recreational table, you might do well with the Joola Rally TL 300. It offers a 15mm playing top which sits on a 1.5’’ tube apron to provide an even bounce rate and reduce the likelihood of warping.

The undercarriage of this model, meanwhile, is a 30mm x 30mm steel frame which sturdiest the whole unit. Then there are its 1.5’’ steel legs which are supported by rubber height adjusters on their ends to provide you a flat playing surface while not scratching the floor.

Additionally, the fact that both the halves of this table are foldable makes it easy for you to put it into storage. Also, once folded, a safety latch prevents the halves from collapsing unexpectedly. And when you might be using it, the 3’’ anti-tilting casting wheels would guarantee the table’s stability.

Lastly, on all four corners of the table are small spaces where you can store ping pong balls. Each of the corners can store three balls (12 altogether). And to further sweeten the deal, Joola provides a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee on this model according to research.

For a table which isn’t competition grade and has a meager price tag, the Joola TL 300 impressed its users by offering a magnetic scoreboard alongside the table.

That’s right; you get two magnetic scoreboards in the package of the Joola TL 300. Attach them against the long-side of the table, and they won’t only keep score but would also settle any potential dispute which are bound to arise when someone misremembers the score count.

  • Intuitive magnetic scoreboard
  • Convenient ball holders
  • 3’’ anti-tilting wheels
  • 5’’ undercarriage
  • Isn’t competition grade

Kettler Top Star XL – Lightweight Model

Kettler Top Star XL Indoor/Outdoor Table Tennis Table
53 Reviews
Kettler Top Star XL Indoor/Outdoor Table Tennis Table

  • Weight: 58kg
  • Frame height: 30’’
  • Tabletop thickness: 22mm
  • Wheels’ size: 5.5’’
  • Warranty: 5 years (residential)

What differentiates the Kettler Top Star XL from almost all other tables in this review is that its utility isn’t limited to indoor or outdoor environments. Instead, with it’s 7/8’’ (22mm) weatherproof ALU-TEC top and ultra-smooth surface, you can use this model both indoors as well as outdoors.

Supporting the table to stay on its feet are the adjustable legs with rubber height adjusters. Both of the table’s sides contains storage area for balls and paddles, and it’s net contains plastic attachment using which you can increase/decrease its height.

To make sure that the table keeps moving with ease, it has four large 5.5’’ dual-swiveling wheels. They allow for safe and easy mobility regardless of the terrain, and the fact that two of the wheels have a built-in locking system means the table would remain fixed during play.

So far, you might have noticed that almost all the features of this model prepare it for an outdoors performance. Fortunately, with its compact storage feature – one which reduces its dimensions from 108L x 60W x 30H inches (when open) to 26.25L x 64.75W x 72H inches (when folded). You shouldn’t have any problem using this table indoors as well.

The presence of DLS Dual Lock technology provides this model with three highly sought-after benefits. First, this technology makes sure that when you’re folding or unfolding the table, there’s no likelihood of the table coming crashing down.

Secondly, with this technology, you won’t need two people to fold/unfold the table. And once the table has been locked, the DLS Dual Lock technology would prevent accidental opening as well.

  • Can be used indoors and outdoors
  • DLS Dual Lock technology
  • Fade, UV, and weather-resistant
  • The instruction manual isn’t helpful during assembly

Butterfly TR35 Premium Rollaway

Butterfly TR35 Premium Rollaway Table Tennis Table
12 Reviews
Butterfly TR35 Premium Rollaway Table Tennis Table

  • Weight: 92kg
  • Frame height: 28’’
  • Tabletop thickness: 19.5mm
  • Wheels’ size: 5’’
  • Warranty: 3 year

First things first, the plethora of safety features which the TR35 provides in its package make it the best indoor table for kids. It contains a locking wheels mechanism to prevent it from moving and has a rollway safety bar to prevent the kids from coming into direct contact with its sides.

Also, since all of its legs have their sides indented, you won’t have to worry about its footwork not being stable enough. You also get a two-piece construction with this model to store it in a compact space and it’s 4’’ locking rubber provides it a secure grip against the ground.

Secondly, the feature which adds steel to the core of its unit is its 1 1/8’’ legs. They are made of pure steel and are capable of withstanding as much, if not more, pressure as the undercarriage. Therefore, once you put the stability that both these features provide in perspective, there’s no reason why it shouldn’t last years

On top of that, this model boasts a release lock feature. Fold it, and this feature would make sure that the table can’t unfold without supervision. Unfold it, and the same feature would prevent the accidental bumps against the table from tilting it.

Lastly, while its ¾’’ wood top is nothing to boast about – as most professional tables go as far as 7/8’’ MDF. They do well to keep the bounce rate contained. That, in turn, would allow the kids to have a safe playing experience on this table.

Many users reported that the support structure of this model impressed them the most. It contains a 1 ½’’ x 1 ½’’ steel rail – one which only this professional table tennis table provides. Such a sturdy core not only protects this model under pressure but also prevents it from warping.
  • Steel rail undercarriage
  • 4’’ locking rubber wheels
  • Has adjustable feet
  • Heavy for a kids’ table

Buying Guide – How to Choose a Ping Pong Table

As you might have guessed after reading the intro, you cannot just go to the market and pick a table which looks good. Rather, you need to know about their features to land the best model. Luckily for you, that’s where this section will help you out.


When it comes to the design of a ping pong table, three features deserve your attention: the tabletop, frame, and legs.

Table Top

When choosing a tabletop, two things merit your concentration: the thickness of the playing surface and material of the coating.

  • Thickness

Starting with the former, it is a universally accepted rule that the thicker the playing surface of your table, the better it will perform. To illustrate this point, assume that you’ve two tabletops – one which measures 12mm thick and the other measuring 25mm.

Experts tell us that the latter (25mm thick) tabletop won’t only provide a better bounce rate, but it will also give you a table which won’t be flimsy and easy to damage though it would be more expensive.

  • Material of coating

Provided you’re going to use your table outdoors, make sure it comes with a laminated resin coating. Apart from being resistant to bad weather and racket blows, it also keeps ill-effects of humidity at bay.

Conversely, if you’re looking for an indoor table tennis table, you’ve three options: Mat Top (which reflects >10x glare from sun), Soft Mat (less than 3x glare) and a standard coating which won’t keep glare at bay.

Frame and legs

Since both these features affect the stability of a table, we have decided to club them together under the same heading.

  • Frame

Remember this rule of thumb when choosing a frame: the thicker it is, the flatter will be your panel. That, in turn, will increase the rigidity of the table and provide it better protection against blows.

Moreover, when choosing a frame, make sure that are multiple connections joining it with the table. That would ensure that the table’s playing surface is stable when it’s unfolded.

  • Legs

As it is the legs which ensure a ping pong table’s stability, you’ve to be careful when selecting them. Make sure that they have a large diameter as it serves as a guarantee to the table’s stability.

Next, regardless of where you’re going to use it, we always recommend having larger feet beneath the legs. They ensure that the table won’t sink into the ground.


As indicated at the start of this review, two features make a ping pong table portable: wheels and foldability. However, as you might guess, not all tables with wheels or all that can fold would be easy to maneuver.


The diameter of the wheels plays an important part in making sure that they make your table highly portable. It is for this reason that we recommend that you always go for oversized wheels (200mm) beneath your table.

Why do we recommend that? That’s because where on one end their large size would allow the wheels to overcome clearances (pavements, terraces, and curbs) with ease, on the other it would increase their load-bearing capacity.

Collapsible / Foldability

When it comes to how table tennis table fold, most products in this review offers one of the two mechanisms. The most popular one is also the most straightforward, one in which the table has a folding handle in the center.

Conversely, if you can afford to pay a little extra, you might get tables – like the Cornilleau 250S – which offer centralized opening and closing handle.


Luckily, most manufacturers these days clearly label whether their table is made for indoors or outdoors – so there’s no need for you to understand the differences between both. Still, if you are adamant of knowing the technical stuff, here you go.

Indoor table

Indoor ping-ping tables have a tabletop made of painted chipboard. They provide better rebound, offer excellent value for money, and are generally foldable as well.

Also, since they are made of solid wood, indoor tables’ surface doesn’t absorb the energy of the ball – thereby providing it with a better bounce. That said, unless you’re a professional, you might not be able to notice the difference.

Outdoor table

Depending upon the money you’re willing to pay for them, outdoor ping pong tables can be resistant to sun, rain frost and even snow. They also perform better when it comes to withstanding accidental racket blows.

Therefore, if you want a model which lasts longer – regardless of where (indoor or outdoor) you intend to place it, go for these tables. Though they might not give as good a bounce as their indoor counterparts.

Safety Features

In today’s world of table tennis, a lot of attention is paid to the safety features provide by ping pong tables. Here are some of them which are the more popular ones:

Brakes on wheels

In contrast to what most people believe, brakes aren’t only important to make a table safe in the storage position. They also provide the table with more stability when you’re playing on it.

Therefore, if you’re going to place your table on hardwood, tile or bare floors – those which have less friction than, say, carpeted floors – make sure its wheels have foot-activated brakes.

Protective corners

Corners, while they are of your dining room’s table or that of your table tennis table, are always a recipe of risk. Their sharp edges have the potential to cause serious pain once a person collides with them at speed.

And since that is what you’d do when you’d be playing – jumping around to not let your opponent take the point – make sure that your table’s corners have protective pads.


Until now, we concerned ourselves with features that are simply a must-have. The features we’re now going to discuss, however, are mere sweeteners. That means that while they don’t affect the table’s performance, they would take your experience of playing on the table to the next level.

Racket and ball Holders

These holders do exactly what their name implies. They provide storage space for not only rackets but also balls on the table’s sides. So that you don’t end up misplacing either.

Retractable Net

Provided you’re going to choose a folding table; a retractable net would be a nice add-on to have. Such a new automatically swivels between both the panels when you’re folding the table.

Here Comes The Bonus

How to Clean a Ping Pong table?

Regardless of how much money the table might have cost you, it won’t last long as long and its performance will suffer if you don’t look after it. Therefore, if you want your table to look (and perform) like new, you should know how to clean a ping pong table.

Things you’re going to need:

As you might guess, bare hands won’t be enough to clean your ping pong table. Get these items instead to make the job effortless:

Step # 1: Removing the net

To remove the net from the table, unscrew one side and do the same to the other. Once you’ve done it, place it away as we want the whole surface of the table to be empty.

Step # 2: Using the cloth

Use a clean cloth to remove any dirt or debris that may have accumulated on the tabletop. The cloth should be clean so as not to scratch the table’s delicate upper surface.

Step # 3: Make and use the cleaner

If you haven’t got yourself a commercial cleaner, take three bowls of water and mix them with a ½ bowl of white vinegar to create a homemade cleaner. Afterward, dip a soft cloth in the cleaner and wipe your table’s surface and legs with it.

Step # 4: Cleaning the net

To clean the net, all you have to do is to soak it in the cleaner you made in the last step. Keep it soaked for at least 15 minutes. Then, once you’ve taken it out, lay it flat to dry.

Step # 5: Final step

When you’re sure that both the table, as well as the net, are clean and dry, put everything back together. Reinstall the net after joining both the sides of the table. Use the lubricant to oil the table’s metal parts to prevent them from catching any rust.


Following are some of the questions which people frequently have about table tennis tables:

Q: How much time it takes to assemble a ping pong table?

A: Provided you choose a table from this review, you won’t have to spend more than 30 minutes on assembling the table. That’s because most tables in this review come 95% pre-assembled. However, if you purchase it from the outside, you might have to spend as much as an hour to assemble the table.

Q: How to fold ping pong table?

A: Most ping pong tables have a clamp on the middle using which you can fold them. All you have to do is to loosen the grip of this clamp on the table, lift one half of the table, do the same with the other half and then tight the clamp once both the halves are in a fully vertical position.

Q: What’s the main difference between indoor and outdoor ping pong tables?

A: Though an amateur player might not notice it, the single biggest difference between both these tables is the rebound rate that they provide – with indoor tables generally providing a faster rebound rate than their outdoor counterparts.


When it comes to improving your eye-hand coordination, reflex, speed of movement and mental alertness, not many games could rival ping pong. It improves your balance and therefore reduces the likelihood of falls and injuries. Additionally, since it isn’t a contact sport like football or rugby, ping pong is a safe sport to take part.

With this in mind, we recommended these ten best ping pong tables. Besides, we’ve given you useful tips on how to choose a table tennis table as well as how to keep it clean. Therefore, if your goal is to maintain a healthy lifestyle by playing ping pong, this article has got you covered.

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