9 best Minecraft Bedrock survival servers

Minecraft is a sandbox video game that was originally released in 2009. Its popularity has grown exponentially since then with more than 106 million copies sold across all platforms, making it one of the best-selling video games of all time. The game allows players to create and explore their own worlds by mining for materials, building structures, crafting tools and weapons, breeding animals and farming crops. One of the most popular features is a multiplayer mode where you can play with friends on servers. There are many Minecraft bedrock survival servers out there but some stand out as being better than others for various reasons like design or stability or plugins etc. Here are the 5 Best Minecraft Bedrock Servers 2021 which we think you should check out!

1) Mineplex:

This server is one of the oldest Minecraft servers around starting in 2011. It’s very stable and runs on vanilla Minecraft with no need for plug-ins or modifications so it can be lag-free. This server has a lot to offer including 4 different game modes much like Bukkit where you have creative mode, survival mode, hardcore mode and adventure mode. The main creative mode is something that’s very unique where you have a creative free build area to create whatever you want. In survival mode, players are allowed to play on creative and adventure maps with up to 100 players as well as a great PVP mode with up to 7 different arenas for you and your friends. In hardcore mode, it’s just like normal survival but if you die once then that’s the end of that world!

Mineplex has been known as the go-to server for team building events and is an ideal place to host an event with dozens of people. The version on Mineplex is vanilla Minecraft but others can be added to it like sky blocks, factions etc.

2) Hypixel:

Hypixel has been around since 2013 and hosts different game modes that are very popular among the Minecraft community which includes survival games, sky wars, puzzle games, hunger games, arcades, sky blocks etc.

The primary game mode on Hypixel is survival games where you play against other players in an epic battle to be the last man standing. You will have to collect resources and build structures so that they do not get destroyed by your enemies who are trying to kill you! There are several arena’s to participate in, which includes team arenas and solo arenas. They also have different types of games like elimination mode where you only get one life or VIP mode where one player is randomly selected as the VIP and the other players must try to assassinate him.

Another great game mode on Hypixel is Pixelmon where you can battle with your pokemon collection against other players, breed them and even create your own gym! It’s a very popular server so there are always lots of people online so expect some lag if you decide to join.

3) MineZ:

This server was created by popular YouTuber CaptainSparklez in 2012 and is one of the most popular servers on Minecraft. It’s a game mode similar to Day Z where players must search for supplies while avoiding zombies at night so it can be very challenging! There are no plugins or modifications on this server so there is very little lag and has a friendly community of players. The rules on this server are also pretty reasonable so you’re not going to get banned for doing petty things within reason.

There are lots of different areas to explore when playing MineZ from small towns, abandoned hospitals, factories and even old homes that may be haunted! Don’t forget about the zombie-infested areas as well since players who choose to be zombies will try to destroy you and all your supplies.

4) Eula:

Eula was created by popular YouTuber Xisuma in 2014 and is a very unique server since it’s one of the only servers that have custom loot. Each player receives certain gear depending on their rank so they can explore different areas without worrying about dying all the time! This balances everything out so you won’t get killed by someone with diamond armour while you’re just trying to collect resources. There are also ‘bosses’ that spawn in the world which you can kill for more loot!

This is one of my favourite servers because it has custom mobs, plugins and lots of good players. This server has no base limits so if you were to join and look in the auction house, you will see lots of powerful items. There is also a great PVP arena where you battle against other players to win prizes!

Eula has a survival mode and adventure mode so it’s very similar to Hypixel except that it’s more rewarding due to the custom loot feature.

5) Cubecraft:

Cube craft is a very popular server that offers many different types of games from sky blocks to puzzle games. Many YouTubers have been known to host events here as well so it’s quite a big community!

There are lots of player ranks with each one having its own kits and abilities which makes things interesting. The primary game mode on this server is sky wars where you try to survive against other players who are trying to kill you. You have access to structures similar to MineZ but here, they are made out of cubes instead which can be very fun! There are also tons of different kits available for players so it’s great if you want many different abilities or if you want to play with your friends.

Cube craft is a great server with lots of different features that are all updated frequently. Despite this, there are often long queue times which can be frustrating for some players but if you’re patient, I’m sure that it’s worth the wait!

6) The Hive:

The Hive is a server that was created by popular YouTuber PrestonPlayz and it’s a very fun one! There are lots of different events going on most of the time so if you’re bored, this is what I suggest doing.

Events can range from team deathmatches to parkour courses with prizes for the winner! It happens quite frequently so you can definitely find something to do. This server also has a special Adventure mode which means that you must travel across different biomes with your team and collect resources to build cool structures!

There is an economy on this server where players can use their coins to buy very powerful gear and items. It’s like building up experience except you earn money instead. There are also plenty of kits available which you can use to make your character unique from others!

The Hive is a very stable server with lots of different features which makes the overall experience much better. It’s great for all types of players and offers something for everyone since it has many different game modes and events.

8) Team Crafted:

Team Crafted is one of my favourite servers since it has lots of different game modes that you can play. There are 5 mini Games on this server which consist of Team Deathmatch, Soccer, Build Battle, Capture the flag and more! All players get to vote for what game mode they want to play next so everyone will have a chance to experience each one.

There are also a lot of different modes for everyone which makes it even more fun! For example, there’s a duel mode in which you can battle against your friends and have an intense fight without worrying about other players interfering. There is also Build Battle where you can show off your building skills by being judged on the quality of your structure. You can also gift other players which is a great way to make friends!

All the kits on Team Crafted are very balanced so it would be hard for one player to have an advantage over another. In addition, some kits come with custom abilities which adds more uniqueness and strategy as well as making things more fun!

Team Crafted has many different features which make the experience very enjoyable. You can also meet lots of new players from all around the world and play with them during events!

9) Factions:

Last but not least, faction is a great server that allows players to create their own team and battle against other groups in a war. The goal of this server is to try and eliminate all other players on the map by raiding their bases.

It’s an exciting challenge since you have to prepare everything beforehand such as building a safe base, getting supplies, making friends and more! Once you die, that’s it so teams need to strategize very well so they can win against others. You can also fight against them alone or with your team if you want to do some damage before the actual battle begins.

Factions is a fun server that has many different features for everyone. It can be challenging at times but it’s very rewarding when you finally defeat the other teams. There are lots of kits available as well so no one will have an advantage over others. It’s also very stable so you don’t have to worry about things breaking down often since it has a very experienced hosting company.

I hope this blog post was useful for anyone looking for the best Minecraft servers out there!  Let me know what you think in the comments below and feel free to share my blog with your friends!  Thanks for reading 🙂