Best Minecraft Seeds

A lot of people are looking for the perfect Minecraft seeds. There’s a whole subreddit on Reddit devoted to them, which has over 100k subscribers and plenty of posts with suggestions for good seed ideas. But what makes one seed better than another? What goes into making the best Minecraft seeds? And how can you find your own best Minecraft seeds? In this guide, we’ll answer these questions and more!

An Introduction

Let’s begin by explaining some of the factors that go into a great Minecraft seed. In this guide, we’ll be covering everything you need to know about finding and using the best Minecraft seeds. The most important factors in choosing a good seed are ease of use and rarity of resources – but not everyone is looking for the same thing out of a great Minecraft seed! This guide is written to be as inclusive as possible, so we’ve tried to use examples that would work well for all kinds of players and playstyles.

So, what are the best Minecraft seeds? Here’s our list of 20 great seeds!

20 Great Minecraft Seeds


Bay This beautiful 1367-block seed is perfect for anyone who wants to build a beautiful and immaculate island or coastal settlement! The island that spawns you at the beginning of this seed has three giant freshwater lakes filled with coral reefs. It’s surrounded by smaller islands, too! This seed is also perfect for anyone who wants to play with the Ocean Monument, as there’s one right in the middle of one of those lakes! You can find this seed by selecting “Bay” on the “Choose a Seed/World Type” screen.

Budino Peaks

This 1051-block island seed features three mountains that are each home to a large village. There’s also an exposed mineshaft, as well as a stronghold and an ocean monument! If you want to play around with the Ocean Monument or collect the diamonds in the Stronghold (or any of the other cool stuff in this seed), we suggest using MCEdit.

Budino Mountains

Budino Mountains This 1116-block seed has three biomes and a village – one of which is on an island! There’s also plenty of exposed coal, iron, gold, and other cool things from the start.


Coraline This 1213-block seed features a huge river that divides the map into three smaller islands. There are also plenty of trees and other resources on each of the islands, so we definitely recommend this seed if you’re looking to build on terra firma!

Dancing Woods

Dancing Woods This 1085-block seed has a ton of cool features and is great for survival mode. Spawn in the midst of an expansive, hilly taiga biome that’s home to thick forests and small lakes! There are also some cool natural structures here, like large caves and ravines.

Exotic Paradise

This 1387-block island seed has three large mountains in the middle of the ocean. That’s right – it’s just water and islands as far as you can see! The level of diversity here is amazing, from deep ocean trenches to huge coral reefs, this seed will go down as one of Minecraft’s best seeds.


Eyre Cay This 548-block seed is perfect for anyone looking to build a village or town on an island. There’s plenty of water, but there are also three islands that you can settle near. The closest one has plenty of trees and flowers; so if you’re having trouble finding wood, we recommend settling here!


This 889-block seed features a lot of cool things, including two large rivers and six total biomes! There are also a few resources to find on the surface right away – most notably, 17 exposed diamonds. We definitely recommend this seed for anyone who wants to start building as soon as possible!


Harborage This 1088-block seed has an expansive island biome with huge mountains, lush forests, and exposed caves. There’s also a huge mushroom biome to the northwest and a village tucked away in the trees! We also love this seed for its cool underwater features – most notably, there’s a sunken ship resting just offshore of the island.


This 1337-block seed is perfect for anyone who wants to spawn right by some temples and villages. Within the first 500 blocks of your start, you’ll see three temples, two villages, and a shipwreck! One temple has an exposed entrance that leads to five diamonds in the walls – plus plenty more resources in a room behind the diamonds. There’s also a blacksmith with some goodies in the first village.

Kitsune Island

This 1129-block seed has an island that contains a lush, hilly taiga and small snow biome! There are also two temples near spawn: one is on top of a huge mountain while the other is by a river. The river temple has an exposed entrance with a puzzle-like sequence made of vines and mushrooms. If you can solve the puzzle, you’ll find five diamonds on the wall behind it! The first village is also nearby.

Mole City

This 819-block seed spawns you in the middle of an expansive, hilly taiga biome that’s home to plenty of trees and flowers! There are also two exposed caves near spawn, both of which contain a lava pool at their bottom. Spawn at the top level of either cave to get some quick resources, and then explore the rest of the biome from there!

Minen Town

This 1166-block seed spawns you on an island near a small village and temple site. Between the two structures, you’ll find a few diamonds, Redstone, gold blocks, and more. Within walking distance of spawn is also a deep ocean trench that’s home to a shipwreck and a sunken treasure chest. This seed is really cool because it’s different from most island seeds!


This 1472-block seed features some pretty badlands terrain, with large cliffs surrounding the spawn area. There are several exposed caves nearby, including one above spawn that gives you a great view of the surrounding area. The grasslands and desert biome are also nearby, so you’ll have plenty to explore!


This 1029-block seed has a huge island that spawns with an ocean monument right by it! The island has some trees, but not too many – and there’s no shortage of fish to catch in the water. If you explore the surrounding ocean, you might also find some exposed dungeons, shipwrecks, and more!

Pokeball Island

This 813-block seed spawns you right by a fully intact sand temple. You’ll also see an island nearby with a single tree on it. Between the two areas is a small snow biome and some exposed water temples. It’s a really cool seed, especially if you like the desert or sand aesthetic!


This 1320-block seed features a deep ocean trench right by spawn – not too far from your starting point. There’s also an exposed cave on top of a hill within walking distance that contains two diamonds and a saddle. The main attraction of this seed, though, is its expansive snow biome!

Tropical Islands

This 1234-block island seed spawns you near two other islands: one fully enclosed jungle on an island just off the coast and another island with a single tree. In between those two areas is a huge (and deep!) open ocean that has plenty of fish to go around – plus some exposed underwater ruins in the deep trenches! We really like this seed because there’s so much water area to explore right near spawn.

Vast Valley

Vast Valley This 1437-block traditional seed features four visible temples within about 1000 blocks of spawn – most notably, an enormous triple temple by the edge of the ravine! There are also plenty of interesting mountains and floating islands surrounding the main area – plus, you can even see a desert temple on one of the far-off neighbouring biomes.

Great Plains

Great Plains (Enhanced) This seed is like a combination of the 4k and 64k seeds! You spawn next to three villages on an island with plenty of mountains nearby: there’s also a deep ocean trench not too far from spawn. Two more islands are visible in the distance, so if you want to live out your wildest island paradise dreams, this might be the seed for you!


Shadowlands A 936-block seed that spawns you near an abandoned village with two accessible temples nearby. One temple has some exposed entrances that lead to treasures; another temple contains diamonds in the blacksmith’s chest. There are also three diamonds and a saddle in a nearby cave, so if you want to start your game off with a bang this might be the seed for you

Minen Town, Monoliths, Oceanus, Pokeball Island, Snowbound and Tropic Islands are some of our favourite seeds for Minecraft. What is your favourite seed? Let us know in the comments below!