5 Best VPNs for UAE & Dubai For WhatsApp Calling

One of the things a VPN service can be used for besides protecting your online activity is to bypass geo-blocking restrictions. As mentioned previously in our VPNs that Unblock Skype article, WhatsApp Calling has been blocked outside of the UAE recently by various providers, as it conflicts with their revenue model from traditional phone calls and SMS. In countries such as Saudi Arabia and Qatar, WhatsApp Calling was blocked almost overnight. With the use of a VPN service for calling, you can unblock free Whatsapp calls and secure your connection at the same time.

One thing to note is that no one has reported any difficulties in using a VPN app from the official store. However, there are a couple of VPN providers that do not have apps in the Windows and Mac stores (FinchVPN and HideIPVPN) and we would advise that you avoid these services. You can install a VPN on your router with the steps in our guide here. We’ll be taking an in-depth look at various VPN providers for UAE, but let’s take a quick look at the 5 best VPNs for WhatsApp Calling from the UAE.

5 Best VPNs for UAE & Dubai For Whatsapp Calling

1 – ExpressVPN

A fast and reliable choice for your Mac/Windows PC’s, as well as a router app so you can protect all of your devices simultaneously.

ExpressVPN’s Mac/Windows app is one of the most user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing for a VPN service. In our test, it had no problems connecting us to either the UAE or the US servers, allowing us to place WhatsApp calls without any hiccups. The Windows app can be controlled via tray icon so you don’t need to have the app open in order to change settings, giving it even more points when compared with other VPN services.

ExpressVPN doesn’t keep any logs on user activity. It also allows users to connect up to 3 devices simultaneously thanks to its apps for Mac/Windows and router support. The speeds are very impressive if you select the right server, thanks to its use of AES-256 encryption. A premium version is available with faster speeds if this is a priority for you. A 30-day money-back guarantee covers all new members.

2 – Surfshark

Surfshark is another relatively new VPN service that offers great features for WhatsApp Calling. Not only does Surfshark support Whatsapp calling by default, but it also allows users to simultaneously connect up to 5 devices (on the premium plan).

The Windows app for Surfshark is quite straightforward and easy to use, allowing you to choose between servers located in the UK, US and Germany (and more) to access Whatsapp.

The speeds are impressive on Surfshark too due to its use of AES-256 encryption. The only drawback is that it does not have an official router app. However, you can use third-party OpenVPN software on your router with Surfshark and it should work just as well.

Surfshark offers a generous 30-day money-back guarantee to all new members, making it the perfect choice for those looking for reliable service without having to commit long-term.

3 – NordVPN

A great all-rounder and their budget option with a large server network and strong security/privacy.

NordVPN offers a solid service for WhatsApp Calling. Once again, it supports up to 3 devices simultaneously and has an excellent server network with over 5,200+ servers in 60 countries. The Windows app is easy to use and intuitive, although we did experience a few connection issues using the Android version of the app.

NordVPN uses 256-bit encryption to ensure a completely secure connection between your device and the server, as well as an internet kill switch in case of any unexpected downtime.

The speeds on NordVPN will allow you to easily watch videos online or do some heavy browsing without experiencing too much lag when using WhatsApp Calling. As for the official app store, NordVPN has apps that work on both iOS and Android.

NordVPN has a 30-day money-back guarantee, but it is only valid if you haven’t used more than 3GB of bandwidth. The monthly plan does not have this limitation so we would recommend going with the long term commitment to experience NordVPN’s full capabilities.

4 – IPVanish VPN

Another good low-cost alternative if you want to protect multiple devices simultaneously.

IPVanishVPN provides solid performance on both the iOS and Android apps with good speeds. The Windows app is not as polished but it gets the job done.

Similar to NordVPN, IPVanish allows you to connect up to 5 devices simultaneously using its apps for Mac/Windows and iPhone/Android smartphones. This makes it perfect for families and large groups.

IPVanish uses 256-bit encryption and has an internet kill switch in case of unexpected downtime. The speeds on the service will allow you to do whatever you need without too much lag.

5 – PureVPN

Another VPN with a large server network and decent speeds.

PureVPN is another solid choice. Like NordVPN, it also allows you to connect up to 5 devices simultaneously using its Windows and Mac apps, iPhone/Android apps and routers.

However, the Windows app for PureVPN doesn’t work as well (although there are alternatives that can be used on your router which will work just fine). The speeds are decent but they may not be fast enough if you want to use WhatsApp video calling or listen to music without lagging.

PureVPN uses AES-256 encryption and has a kill switch in case of any unexpected downtime. The service allows P2P torrenting on some servers so this is an added bonus too.