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10 Ping Pong Serve Rules for Singles and Doubles

ITTF has some strict guidelines about serving so that your service doesn’t counted as illegal.  In this article, we have listed some basic ping pong serve rules. There are some complex service rules in the game of Ping Pong, but when you start to understand them, there are just a few things which you should […]

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Improve Your Game With These 12 Table Tennis Tips For Beginners

Need to excel in Table Tennis?? Then some good tips can help you out. Above all, you should know that- this is a rapid game that requires immediate reactions. So, we are here to help you with this. Let’s learn some table tennis tips to play table tennis so that you can dominate your opponent […]

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Best Office Games

The 7 Best Office Games For Every Startups or Corporates

Who says, offices are just meant entirely for working? The office is a palace where we spent most of the hours of days. We work, we discuss, we play and many more. However, putting forward the idea of implementing a sport at the office is something on-trend. Especially in startups. Hopefully, many firms offer at […]

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10 Major Table Tennis Tournaments List Which You Can’t Skip

 “EVERY BALL COUNTS” – Sir Matt Table Tennis, the most extensively growing indoor game which is gaining its popularity worldwide.  Its association is spread over more than 226 countries and are registered under ITTF. The ever-increasing opportunities are opening doors for the Table tennis enthusiast. Currently, Ma Long, a Chinese table tennis player, has championed […]

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10 Best Table Tennis Channels on YouTube to Learn

What if we can get faster access to all the best ping pong sites in just one click? As in ping pong, it goes: –“EVERY BALL COUNTS” Likewise, every solution for finding the best ping pong channel on YouTube matters. Look at the enthusiasm shown by her. She is Dorothy from Britain. Amazingly, she is […]

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Know the 8 Table Tennis Mistakes and their Quick Solutions

 “Even if you are in good luck and good condition, you may still be losing in the game, and then you just accept the failure.” — Persson. Table tennis is such a game which may look very easy and simple to play, and if you ever happen to look over-confident, then your confidence would be […]

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