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10 Best Table Tennis Channels on YouTube to Learn

What if we can get faster access to all the best ping pong sites in just one click? As in ping pong, it goes: –“EVERY BALL COUNTS” Likewise, every solution for finding the best ping pong channel on YouTube matters. Look at the enthusiasm shown by her. She is Dorothy from Britain. Amazingly, she is […]

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Know the 8 Table Tennis Mistakes and their Quick Solutions

 “Even if you are in good luck and good condition, you may still be losing in the game, and then you just accept the failure.” — Persson. Table tennis is such a game which may look very easy and simple to play, and if you ever happen to look over-confident, then your confidence would be […]

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Research Says Playing Table Tennis is Good for the Brain

Most people don’t like to work out. Why? Argh!!! The answer is-  gym, the sweat, the energy spent, and the injuries such as cuts, fractures, joint pains, or cramps are the main reasons. People don’t like indulging in strenuous physical activities. Also, there are age factors and various physical attributes, such as age or certain […]

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15 Ping Pong Ball Facts For Every Ping Pong Enthusiasts

No one knows the real beginning of the Ping Pong, but it is believed that the sport began in England. It was simply started as an off-shoot for lawn tennis. At first, it was just an outdoor game; then it was made as an indoor game. Let’s find some interesting ping pong ball facts. Who […]

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