Coin Master Events ( Detailed Explained )

Coin Master brings to you some of the most special events to celebrate the amazing You- allowing you to collect magical rewards through tournaments or by participating in massive giveaways. Let us take a look at the different events offered by Coin Master to the gamers.

Village Mania:

This is the event where you have to build a village. While doing so, you can benefit from discounts on the different items needs to build your Village. There are several types of Village Mania events whereby you have the opportunity to get either all your village building blocks at 20% reduced prices or, a 65% discount on all of the levels of the final item. Interesting, right?

Coin Craze:

As the name might already suggest, you can start collecting even more coins through this event. As soon as the Coin Craze goes live, it adds a separate multiplier to the coins you then own and makes you spin button GOLD. You can use the Gold spin buttons to benefit from extra coins through spinning, raiding, and competition with other places. As soon as the event ends, the spin button will return to its original red color.

Sea of Fortune:

Through this event, you can set your sail and go closer to collecting exciting rewards, whilst keeping away from the Greedy Octopus. It is a relatively small game that is granted as a reward from different events. You can start picking up one of the four wooden boxes at each of the different levels. Three out of these four boxes constitute a reward that you can gather at each level. The remaining one box will contain the Greedy Octopus.

If however, you are unlucky and you land on the Greedy Octopus, you get 2 options. One option asks you to pay to overcome the trap, using your coins, and keep playing further. The other option is to end the game without any rewards. If however, you are not enjoying the game, you can click on the ‘Quit and Collect’ button to collect all the rewards that you have gathered. Leaving the sea prematurely will not, nevertheless, allow you to get any reward.


This is a new challenge offered by Coin Master where you can play in Multiplayer settings to compete with others and to keep an eye on each other’s progress. Players are divided into groups and need to become champion Coin Master on the leaderboard of the Tournament. However, before you can join the Tournament, you will have to earn a minimum amount of points by completing a few actions like Attacks and Raids. These points are then shown as the trophy icon on the top right of the screen. This also works as a representation of your rank on the board.

Raid Madness:

As the name might already reveal, during the event you can raid on the village of another Viking and while doing so, you can get closer to achieving greater rewards. Each level comes with higher goals and hence, better rewards.

Attack Madness:

If you want to spice up your Attacks, this event is your best pick. During the event, you can attack the village of another Viking and while doing so, you can get closer to achieving greater rewards. Each level comes with higher goals and hence, better rewards.

Balloon Frenzy:

This is quite an exciting and easy short game within another game. All you need to do is keep an eye out for Balloons popping up while you are playing another game. You will need to burst these balloons to earn points or rewards.

There are many other special events that Coin Master comes up with to add to the fun during your building experience