How to Fix Zoom Quit Unexpectedly Error When Screen Sharing?

Zoom is an online platform that allows you to share your screen in real-time with others. You can use it for everything from teaching or presenting to collaborating on a project. Sometimes, however, Zoom crashes unexpectedly and throws up the error message “Zoom quit unexpectedly.” If this happens, don’t panic! Here are some ways you can fix it: 

– Quit out of Zoom and reopen it by double-clicking the icon.  

– Reboot your computer if that doesn’t work. 

– Check your firewall settings; make sure they’re not blocking any program (including Zoom) from connecting to the internet. 

– Make sure there isn’t anything wrong with your browsers like an add-on causing problems or extensions crashing when trying to load a video. 

– If the problem started after a software update or install, uninstall everything possible and then reinstall it back one-by-one to find out which app is causing the error.

In case none of these solutions works, you can uninstall Zoom completely from your computer by going to Add/Remove Programs. You’ll have to delete any shortcuts you have on your desktop as well. But wait…how do I uninstall Zoom?

You need to uninstall Zoom manually by opening up the command prompt and navigating to the directory location of where the setup was installed. Once there, type “unins000” (without quotes) into the command prompt. This will start the uninstallation process.

So, if Zoom isn’t working for you, don’t worry! There are plenty of ways to try to fix it. Hopefully one of these solutions will do the trick. Good luck!