Mystic Messenger Email Guide

The Mystic Email Guide is an article about the text messages in the game Mystic Messenger. This guide will show you how to get all of your answers and what they mean, as well as provide some grammar tips on how to use this app correctly. It is important that you are following these guidelines so that everything goes smoothly for you while playing. With this information, then it will be much easier for players to create their own story with just a few taps on their phone screen

It’s important to know before starting out that there are two modes in which one can play: chat mode and event mode. Chatting is simply talking with other characters or typing things into the chatbox, whereas doing events requires answering the other person’s questions correctly to progress the story.

Please note that this text message guide is not meant to be used as a walkthrough, but rather as an explanation on how to do events and chats. It can be said though that it does contain some spoilers about the characters’ personal lives and the “secrets” of the route they reveal.

This Guide Will Cover The Following Topics:

Chat mode Events mode Grammar tips Other information


The chatbox consists of two sections: one which the other person types, and another where you type your response to them. You can also click on a character’s avatar or unread messages to see their profile and message history.

Getting Messages

To get messages, you must be connected to either WiFi or mobile data. If mobile data is disabled in your phone settings, then you will only receive messages when connected to WiFi. To make sure it’s enabled, go to the Mobile Data section of your Settings menu and click the check box next to “Mystic Messenger” to enable it. You can also check your data usage in this menu under the Data Usage section.

Chatting With Characters

To chat with characters, simply click on their avatar in the chatbox or select “message” on the main screen of your phone. You can then send them a message, and they will respond back each time you get on the app. If you want to see their profile, click on their message history, or unread messages, then simply click on them.

Chatting With Other App Users

To chat with other Messenger users who are not part of your route, select “global” on the main screen of your phone and you will be given a list of names. You can also click on your chat history at this menu to see who you have chatted with before.

Event Mode To start an event, simply select one of the characters’ avatars in the chatbox or go to the “event” section on your phone’s main screen. When in events mode, then tapping on a character’s avatar will make them answer the question you have asked. When it is your turn, then just type in what you want to say and hit send.

All Correct Answer List –

*Note this data collected from other various social media sites and websites


  • Cat allergy
  • Beef and seaweed soup
  • I might be allergic to guests not attending the party


  • 100% interest rate
  • Swiss bank
  • $1.2 million all in cash


  • Check names and invitations
  • Play with Elizabeth the Third
  • Next to Mr Han


  • Don’t worry!
  • Lock U Up Silver Bracelet
  • Claw machines at the mall


  • Head meow!
  • Odd eye meow!
  • Crystal litter


  • Green.
  • Poke it out with a straw!
  • Diamond


  • I saw it onYoutube!
  • The face of a generous looking grampa… I mean, you, the owner!
  • Cheese is the way of the world!


  • Noon.
  • Yellow and black.
  • Candlelight.


  • There’s this person called Jaehee….
  • Games with soda as prizes.
  • It’s because you’re too smart.


  • I wanted to help you.
  • I want to go see a movie, but I don’t have anyone to go with. What do I do?
  • I really hope you come to our party.


  • A rainbow-coloured floppy disk model.
  • Windows 8.1 3711 disks.
  • Obtain a limited edition cassette tape and hide it.


  • Lots of people with warm hearts!
  • Rice, soup, green salad, backed salmon, fried eggs
  • Sell Small Issue Magazine