Roblox Arsenal Codes For Money & Skins

Roblox arsenal codes are a set of numbers that can be used to unlock special items in the Roblox game. The code is entered into the console where it is then verified by connecting with an online server.

The first step for any player looking to find their Roblox arsenal codes would be going onto their account page and selecting “Security.” They will have a list of all the security data including a unique 10-digit password.

If you don’t remember your password, there’s also an option on this page to reset it or recover your account name if you forget that too. Once you’ve got those details sorted out, click “Generate New Password” which will generate a new 10-digit password for your account and send it to the email you have on file.

Arsenal Codes List (Active & Expired)

  • GRAHYVM – Free 1,200 Bucks
  • BGFAKT – Skins Free
  • BGASTl
  • Gthan – Free 100 Bucks
  • Rbloc^7 – Free Skins
  • Roblox*9ew
  • Vnbakva – John Announcer Voice
  • Yhfafga – ¬†PetrifyTV Announcer Voice
  • Hflaife – Jackeryz Skin
  • Bhaygea – Phoenix Skin
  • Mkguae
  • Gjaigeab
  • Bvkwg
  • Logjagn
  • kvjlFoie
  • VKlafnle
  • Kvgjoapr

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What You Get With Arsenal Codes

The unique thing about Roblox arsenal codes is that you can enter them as many times as you want to unlock different items. Some of the things you might be able to get include hats, weapons, clothes and even a new face for your avatar. Each item has a different number assigned to it so it’s a good idea to review what each code is capable of doing before entering the numbers into your account.

Once you have a list of what each code does, it’s just a matter of going to the “Enter Code” section and deciding which items you want to unlock. If you’re unsure about what they do, right-click on the item and select “Details.” This will give you a description of the item and what it does so you can make an informed decision.

Finally, if you’ve decided to enter the codes using the console there’s another step required where you need to press F12 on your keyboard and allow Roblox Studio to access the internet. Once that is complete, type in each code and select “Enter” to activate that item in your account. You can then go back into the game and equip that new gear or wear that new outfit!

How To Use Roblox Arsenal Codes?

Once you’ve got all the security information sorted out, it’s time to start adding the arsenal codes. This is done by using the console inside Roblox Studio.

Once this is open, you’ll need to locate the section where it says “Enter Code.” You can use CTRL + SPACE or click on the button which opens up a dialogue box. There are three boxes here where you can enter coded values. The first two are for any item that has a value between 0 and 99, while the third is for anything that has a value up to 999.

Once you’ve filled in the number, click “Add” which will tell Roblox to verify it with its server and properly authenticate your account. Depending on how many items you want to add this process could take anywhere from 30 seconds to 10 minutes. This is something to keep in mind when entering the numbers because if you enter too many codes at one time, it can cause significant lag.

There’s also an option for “Submitting” which will send all of your items into Roblox. The drawback here is that it may take some time before they are all processed so you could find yourself waiting for quite a while until everything is completed.