Top 13 Fortnite Skins List – Top Outfits

Fortnite has been a huge success story in the gaming world. The game is available on PC, Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch. It’s free to play with optional purchases for additional weapons and features.

What makes Fortnite different from other games? Well, it’s a survival shooter that takes place on an island where 98% of Earth’s population suddenly disappears without any explanation why or what happened to them – except that you’re among the 2% who still remain alive.

You must explore this strange land while scavenging food and supplies in order to survive against dangerous monsters like zombies and creatures spawned by “The Storm.” This article will list the 13 best Skins so you can find your favourite!

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Brite Bomber (Legendary)

Brite Bomber is the pink female variant of Brite Gunner in Fortnite. She has a pink suit with white armour and a visor. The outfit features several grenades strapped to her chest. She also has two Dynamite Pack back blings which can be selected when equipping different types of outfits or styles. It comes with Grenade Launcher or Bright Bazooka Pickaxe that will help you clear away buildings easily!

Raptor (Epic)

Raptor is one of the most popular skins in town because people like dinosaurs especially Velociraptors! This skin features an orange dinosaur-like outfit with a huge claw in the right hand and a shield in the left. The skin comes with Dark Bomber Back Bling that looks very cool! You can buy it from Item Shop or get it from a chest!

Raven (Legendary)

Raven is one of the best looking Fortnite Skins ever introduced because this skin has a dark purple black-feathered jetpack which makes it almost look like a demon. It has orange glowing eyes, sharp teeth and horns on its head. There is also a matching Horns pickaxe for Raven if you want to have a complete “look” to create fear among your opponents. I recommend you to use Raven when you play Duo or Squad mode very closely because this set can scare your teammates as well as enemies!

Hime (Legendary)

Hime is an anime-inspired skin from the Fortnite Item Shop that includes two colour variations – white or pink hair buns depending on your choice checkout time. In addition, Hime features a fully white outfit with a matching Samurai Katana Pickaxe. On the bright side, this skin comes with Ebony & Ivory Back Bling which really makes you look like a princess! You can buy it from Item Shop or get it from a treasure chest!

Havoc (Epic)

This is another great skin that will help you stand out among other players very quickly. It’s not hard to understand why it’s popular because of its red/black colour scheme that looks incredible on both male and female characters. This outfit includes shaggy hair, vest, gloves and boots The real treat here is two back brings – Bloodsucker and Nuts n’ Bolts which should be purchased together to create amazing skin!

Carbide (Legendary)

Carbide is a male skin that comes with two colour variations so you can choose if you want to be a navy blue or black and white outfit. The black and white version comes with a matching Visor pickaxe and Carbide Logo Back Bling which looks really great! Both outfits have an attractive skull on the front chest, shoulder pads for extra protection as well as gloves with spikes on them. You can buy either from Item Shop or get from a treasure chest!

Raven Team Leader (Epic)

Raven Team Leader is one of the most popular Fortnite Skins because it’s based on a popular sci-fi movie called “Avatar”. It has a purple colour with four eyes on the front chest, arms and legs – this is an awesome look. The outfit also has a matching shader which will help you stand out even more! If you are a fan of the Avatar movies go ahead buy the Raven Team Leader outfit right now!

Ragnarok (Legendary)

Ragnarok is another Battle Royale game mode for Fortnite that can bring players together to defeat enemies and survive as long as possible to become the last man standing. The skin looks like a huge robot with green glowing eyes and shoulder pads. This skin comes with a Valknut pickaxe and Dragons Shout Back Bling which make red glow when moving! You can buy it from Item Shop or get it from a chest!

Havoc (Legendary)

Havoc is a perfect choice for anyone looking to stand out among the other players. This skin has a red-based colour scheme with black lines on shoulder pads, goggles, wrist and head. Havoc set includes matching Visor pickaxe and Mole Mine Back Bling which will help you look like a true soldier even without weapons! You can buy it from Item Shop or get it from a chest!

Ragnarok (Epic)

Ragnarok is another Battle Royale Game mode for Fortnite Battle Royale that features 100 players who fight against each other on an isolated island until only one person remains as the winner. The outfit looks like some kind of cross between Viking and Cyborg with green glowing eyes and shoulder plates. The Ragnarok skin comes with Dragons Shout pickaxe and Mole Mine Back Bling which will give you great look! You can buy it from Item Shop or get it from a chest!

Hex (Epic)

Hex is a great outfit for girls looking to stand out among other players during games. The skin comes with shaggy hair, gloves and boots which are dark brown/yellow colour with some blue details – the front chest has a nice big purple hexagon. If you prefer silver colour go ahead buy Hex Ranger pickaxe! Overall this is one of the best Fortnite Skins at the moment so you can’t go wrong if you choose to buy it!

Ragnarok (Legendary)

Ragnarok is an awesome skin that will help you stand out even in a huge crowd! This Nordic-inspired outfit looks very cool on both male and female characters. It features green glowing eyes, shoulder plates, a belt buckle and a matching Valknut pickaxe. The Ragnarok outfit also comes with Dragons Shout Back bling which has red glowing lights on it! If you like green, Vikings and dragons go ahead buy this skin right now!

Omega (Legendary)

Omega is one of the most popular Fortnite skins because it’s based on Predator characters from popular sci-fi movies. It has a dark blue/white colour scheme that looks awesome – if you are a fan of Predator go ahead buy this skin! Not only that but the outfit also includes shaggy hair, grey gloves and boots as well as a matching Mech pickaxe. If you are looking for something cool to wear during games then look no further than this epic outfit! You can buy both together or get them as part of the Season 3 Battle Pass.