uBlock Origin Not Blocking Twitch Ads

uBlock Origin is not blocking ads on Twitch. tv, which is an online streaming website for video games.

I first realized there was something wrong when I tried to watch a League of Legends tournament and the same ad kept coming up over and over again. This means people were being paid to advertise whatever that particular ad was for, and they wasted their money. I was not able to find an easy way to report this as a bug (I assume the people who keep posting “report” links in the chatbox aren’t actually helping). Instead, I’ll just use this post as a public service announcement for everybody with uBlock Origin:

uBlock Origin is not blocking ads on Twitch. tv

I checked to make sure uBlock Origin was updated and doing the latest adblocking. Without ads, Twitch is just a really boring website that doesn’t do much but post status updates and live feeds of whatever game people might be streaming at the moment. The chatbox is generally filled with spam and obnoxious people who think they’re funny.

I uninstalled uBlock Origin and went with Adblock Plus, the default ad blocker for Firefox. It was immediately obvious that it was working because there were no ads on Twitch at all. I’m sure many people are using this website without adblockers, to begin with, but even if you aren’t probably don’t want to download uBlock Origin either. It isn’t working properly.

I don’t know if the developer of uBlock Origin is able to fix this issue, but my guess would be that he/she can’t because they aren’t getting paid for adblocking on Twitch or whatever ads are being blocked with it at the moment. There are other reasons why something like this might be happening, but don’t download uBlock Origin yourself to find out if it’s working. Adblock Plus is doing the job just fine already.

Update: Adblock Plus is not blocking ads on Twitch. tv either, so I uninstalled that too and am now using Peerblock, which is an ad blocker for Windows that is not connected to the internet or bundled with any other software. It’s possible that Adblock Plus and uBlock Origin are simply not working on Twitch. tv right now, but I’m going to keep using Peerblock for ad-blocking because nothing else seems to be working.