Zoom camera not working? Here’s how to Fix

The Zoom company is one of the most popular video chat providers in the world, and it’s also a major player when it comes to online conferencing tools. But there are some problems with their cameras that many people have been experiencing for years now. If your Zoom camera isn’t working at all or you’re having trouble using it during a meeting, don’t worry! We’ll show you three ways to fix the problem so that you can get back on track.

How to Fix Zoom Camera Not Working Problem?

1. Update Your Flash Player – First things first, you should always update your browser and Flash player to the latest version before trying anything else. Old versions of these can cause problems with your camera that prevent it from working properly. So check for updates and then try using Zoom again if it still isn’t working.

2. Reconfigure Your Camera – Another common cause of camera problems is incorrect configuration. Zoom may not be able to detect your camera or it may be set up incorrectly. To check and fix this, open Zoom and go to Meeting > Preferences > Webcam. In the window that pops up, make sure your camera is selected and that the correct settings are applied. If they’re not, try changing them to match what your camera needs.

3. Use Another Browser – Finally, if updating Flash and reconfiguring your camera still doesn’t work, you can try using another browser. Zoom is compatible with most popular browsers, but if you’re having trouble, try a different one. This is often the easiest way to fix browser problems that could be causing your camera not to work.

Zoom for windows was successfully installed on your computer but you can’t find it anywhere on your desktop? Don’t worry, we can help. The first thing you should do is make sure your computer has the latest updates installed. If it doesn’t, install them now, and then try using Zoom again. If that still doesn’t work, you can try reinstalling Zoom using our instructions below.

Reinstall Zoom Camera on Windows 10

1. Open Settings and go to Apps > Manage Apps.

2. In the list of apps, find Zoom and click on it.

3. Now click on the Uninstall button and confirm that you want to uninstall Zoom.

4. After Zoom is uninstalled, go to this website and download the latest version of Zoom for Windows.

5. Install the app and try using Zoom again. If this still doesn’t fix your problem, contact our support team for further assistance.