DigitalOcean Reviews

As we all know DigitalOcean is the new kid on the block in cloud hosting. They offer SSD cloud servers and low-cost prices (If you pay for a year upfront) that can’t be beaten. In this article, I aim to give you an idea of what it’s like to use Digital Ocean as a host from a user’s perspective.

I recently switched to a VPS from a shared hosting provider, and it has been amazing! The first hosting company I tried was Hostgator, but after a week of having my site down for hours at a time, I decided it wasn’t worth the monthly fee. When I heard about DigitalOcean from a friend of mine, I decided that this was the time to switch.

After doing some research (and reading pretty much every article on Best VPS Hosts out there), I decided that Digital Ocean was the best choice for my needs.

For those who have been living under a rock, DigitalOcean is an extremely cheap and rapidly growing web hosting provider started by the original author of Drobo software. They’ve been around for a little over 2 years, and in that time many people have switched to them from their previous providers – we’ll see if we can find out why!

As I mentioned before, DigitalOcean is all about offering cheap prices (but not at the expense of quality). You can get an extremely powerful virtual server for as little as $5 per month. If you buy a one-year plan upfront, this equals just $0.007/hour – which is about 26 hours for 1 USD. This is insane!

I don’t know if that’s good or bad. If you go with a downtime of 0.5% monthly, that’s a downtime of about 3 days a month! I’d say that’s pretty bad – but if it’s just me who is using my site and the impact on my business is minimal, then this uptime isn’t as big of a problem.

One great aspect of DigitalOcean is that they offer a free $100 credit when you signup. Using that, I was instantly able to test out the setup process and see what it would be like to use them as my host.

I have never seen an easier setup guide in all my life! The process was extremely simple and straightforward, which is always good in my book. Within minutes I had my first virtual server up and running, and it was ready to go. It took me about an hour (and 30 minutes of that was spent looking at funny cat gifs) but eventually, I had my very own caching VPS up and running on DigitalOcean!

After the initial setup is done, you can go ahead and install your web stack, and then do anything else that you wish (e.g. learn how to use SSH or play around with Ruby).

What I like:

* Cheap cloud servers! Just $5/month for a 1GB memory server – which is pretty much all I need for my small blog.

* Simple to use control panel.

* Lots of tutorials on their website – you can learn how to do just about anything!

What I don’t like:

* It’s slow. In the time that I took to set up my server, DigitalOcean could have done it in 20 minutes. They’re working on this though, so hopefully, this will improve soon.

* They don’t offer their own caching solution, you’ll have to choose from varnish /etc/Nginx/sites-available/default or Varnish Plus, etc..

* No self-hosted e-mail – but they do provide a pretty decent mail service powered by SendGrid though! All in all, DigitalOcean is a great VPS provider and I’m really happy with my choice. The control panel offers everything that I need and the price is just unbeatable! If you’re not already using it, give them a try – their $100 credit will be enough for two months of use, definitely check them out.