Herman Miller Aeron Review

The Herman Miller Aeron chair is one of the most popular pieces of office furniture. It’s been around for decades, but it’s still as relevant now as ever before. This article will cover what you need to know about this iconic piece of office furniture, and hopefully answer your question: should I buy an Aeron?

Do you need an Aeron?

The simple answer is no. You don’t have to or need to buy an Aeron chair— it’s optional for your desk, after all. If you can get by without one, then more power to you. But…

There are people who spend money on the Aeron, even though they don’t need it. As we’ll discuss further down in this article, the Aeron is a significant investment. If you like to make wise investments and know-how to get your money’s worth, then an Aeron may be for you.

What’s so good about the Herman Miller Aeron chair?

It looks nice! This might seem like a shallow reason to buy something, but the Aeron is a nice-looking chair, and it’s been used in countless offices around the world.

It’s ergonomic. The Aeron helps you sit well for hours on end. It cups your hips into the right position, which allows your spine to keep proper alignment. When your spine is in proper alignment, you’re less likely to suffer from back pain.

It’s adjustable. One of the best things about the Aeron is that it adjusts to accommodate your body size. The chair comes with several adjustments so you can change the height and tilt of your seat. You can also adjust how much lumbar support you want/need.

It’s comfortable. Some people are more sensitive to chairs—they have a harder time adjusting to them, and they can’t sit well for long periods of time. The Herman Miller Aeron isn’t like this at all—it’s incredibly comfortable. This, combined with its other features makes the chair stand out from others on the market.

Will the Aeron solve my back problems?

An Aeron chair is a great investment, but it’s no miracle worker. If you have serious back problems that are harming your day-to-day life, then an Aeron chair won’t fix things. It’ll help reduce the pain over time, but if you need surgery or something similar, then you should get it.

The Aeron is great for maintaining your back health, though. If you have some minor aches and pains here or there but don’t want to go through the hassle of getting surgery or seeing a doctor, then an Aeron can help.

The Aeron only comes in one colour, which is black. It looks stylish, but it can make your desk look boring if you decide to use it as your primary chair.


An Aeron chair is a great investment no matter what type of person you are. If you’re looking for something sturdy and durable that’ll last you a long time, then this is your best bet. It’s also great if you want something stylish that will fit into almost any kind of office setting.

That’s the Herman Miller Aeron chair in a nutshell. If you’re looking for an adjustable, ergonomic work chair, then this might be the one for you. It’s a great investment that’ll help you sit better for hours on end, and keep your back from getting strained.

Do you have any questions about the Herman Miller Aeron chair? Feel free to ask them in the comments section below!