Lastpass Review

Lastpass is one of the most popular password manager services on the internet today. Lastpass’s popularity is not only because it’s free (when using their basic service) but also due to its ease of use and clean layout. This should not be surprising as Lastpass was acquired by LogMeIn in October 2015 for $125 million.

Lastpass is a cloud-based password manager that allows you to store your passwords and other confidential data such as credit card numbers, account numbers, etc. on their servers (cloud). On the client-side (your computer) they have an extension available for most browsers including Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari and Opera. Once installed it will automatically save your login information whenever you visit a site that has been saved into your vault. You can also manually log into sites using the site’s domain name or subdomain name. For example, if the site is saved in your account then you can just type in the URL bar and Lastpass will automatically fill in your login information. You can then log into that site using your master password or fingerprint.

Lastpass is browser-independent, meaning that the extension is available for most browsers so if you use Safari today but want to avoid Chrome in the future it’s no problem, just install their extension on whatever browser you are currently using. If you switch back to another browser later on they will still be there waiting for you with all of your saved passwords intact ready for use.

You can also use Lastpass via their mobile app which works with both Android and iOS devices (tablets & phones). The app allows you to do all of the basic things that were mentioned above such

LastPass Features Overview

For those who are new to Lastpass here are the key features of their service.

Password Generator & Strength Analysis

Generates strong passwords for you based on your desired password parameters including password length, special characters, numbers etc. You can also save these generated passwords into your vault for later use if needed. You can also check the password strength of any given password that you may already have or that you are thinking of using.

Password Sharing

Allows users to share passwords with other people (team members) using email or through their online portal which they can then access and download instantly anywhere in the world via any computer. This is really helpful when you want someone else to be able to access a shared account with multiple users such as a shared Facebook account or group app.

Password Security

Allows you to set security questions for each of your passwords in the event that you ever forget your master password. It also allows you to require 2 step authentication in order to access individual accounts which adds an extra layer of security by sending a temporary access code via email, SMS or using the google authenticator app when logging into Lastpass from an unknown device.

Synchronization with Dropbox

Once installed it will automatically sync all of your saved data onto Lastpass’s servers so if you are not able to access their website then all of your login information is still available locally on your computer since it’s stored in the cloud (Dropbox). All changes made offline will be synced back up to the cloud once you are back online.

Browser Extensions/Addons

Lastpass has browser extensions available for Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Internet explorer. To install the addon just go to their website’s download page and choose your platform then follow the instructions given or search in your browsers plugin section for “Lastpass” to install it that way. Keep in mind that Lastpass is not compatible with all browsers such as Pale Moon which is a fork of Firefox that doesn’t support add-ons created from external sources. In this case, you will have to use version 4 of Lastpass which can be found on their website here.

Windows, Mac, Linux

Lastpass has a downloadable app available for all of these platforms which can be found on their website here . You can have access to your passwords from anywhere in the world using this. It works great when you are out and about and need to access someone’s account but don’t have your computer with you.

Mobile App (Android & iOS)

The mobile app is particularly useful if you want immediate access to all of your saved passwords no matter where you go or what device you are currently using. Just install the applicable app from Google play store or Apple’s App Store onto your smartphone or tablet and sign in to Lastpass through that. Keep in mind that it only works with tablets/phones, not actual desktop computers.

Security Audit

Allows you to easily check for weak or duplicate passwords by doing a quick scan on all of your existing accounts. It also allows you to see which websites share the same login information so that you can create stronger unique passwords for each. If it detects any insecure websites then it will notify you with a red warning sign next to them letting you know that they are taking unsecured actions such as storing passwords in plain text, using outdated encryption methods etc.

The LastPass Vault – All Your Data In One Place!

The last thing that I want to mention is their vault which contains all of your saved data from different sites and applications including logins, secure notes, credit card numbers etc. You can access this vault at any time on any device anywhere in the world so long as you have an internet connection. A vault is also a place where you can edit existing accounts, create new ones and delete any of the ones you don’t require anymore.

That’s it for now folks! Hope this was helpful for those trying to decide on whether or not Lastpass is right for them. If so then start here. Any questions/comments/concerns then feel free to leave one below and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank You!


What is LastPass?

LastPass is a cross-platform application that allows you to save all of your login information securely so that you do not have to remember them. It also makes it very easy for you to access individual accounts by only having to remember one master password instead of many logins.

How long does Lastpass store my data?

Your data will be stored on their servers indefinitely however if you set the option then it can be deleted whenever you want, for example, if an account has been inactive for too long or if someone’s credit card expires etc.

Can I use Lastpass on more than 1 device/computer at the same time?

Yes! You can sync up all your different devices together by getting the LastPass app for whichever platform you are using. The only device that cannot be synced is Pale Moon which does not support 3rd party addons.

How do I get my data off of Lastpass in case I lose the master password?

If your master password somehow gets deleted or lost then there is no way to recover it so all of your saved data will go with it. It would be wise to set up another account or two to act as backups in case something like this happens so that you won’t have to start completely over again.

Does Lastpass store any passwords without my knowledge?

No! All of your information is encrypted and never accessed by anyone except yourself when inputting into websites/applications. Lastpass only has the encrypted version of your data and cannot access it unless they have your master password.

Can I delete my Lastpass account whenever?

Yes! You can do this by going to your vault, clicking on settings and then unchecking the option for automatic sign-in. This will completely disable all of your saved data and free up space for yourself. You cannot delete an account if it has any saved data which needs to be removed before doing so.

Does saving logins create a security risk?

No! Your passwords are encrypted with your master password upon entering them into Lastpass and only you (or someone with your master password) can access them or even view them in plain text since they are completely hidden from everyone else except yourself while typing in a website/application.

Can people see what websites I visit?

No! An encrypted version of your browsing history is stored on Lastpass’s servers which only you (or someone with your master password) can view. All website addresses are hidden from everyone else except yourself while typing in a website/application.

I have an iPhone/iPad, can I use Lastpass?

Yes! It is very easy to install the LastPass app onto any iOS device since it is universally supported across all devices. You can get it here.

Is the free version good enough for most users?

Yes, it is! The free version has most of its features unlocked however some are limited to premium subscribers such as sharing passwords between accounts, downloading files directly into the vault etc. If you are not planning on paying then using the free version will be enough for just about anyone.

How much does LastPass cost?

The premium subscription costs $12/year which is fairly cheap in the grand scheme of things. This allows you to take advantage of all its features and have access to their support if any problems arise. You can try it out by signing up for a trial before committing to anything if still unsure or not in need of all its features.