NordPass Review

NordPass is a Password Manager with Simple and Secure Features. NordPass allows you to store all of your passwords in one place, without the need for any third-party software or hardware. This means that instead of putting passwords on sticky notes or writing them down on paper, they are safely stored online and accessible by only you. With the touch of a button, Nordpass can also autofill login information on any site – saving time and frustration!

NordPass offers many other features including password generator, security audit log, two-factor authentication (2FA) support, built-in bookmarking service for websites & apps across devices AND more!

In addition to being available as an app from both Apple App Store and Google Play for free, NordPass can also be used as a Web App at

NordPass Feature Overview:

– One-step login: with a single button click, NordPass can automatically retrieve and enter your password on any website. No more time wasted looking up passwords! – Better security: we all know we should use unique, complex passwords for each account but it’s such a hassle to remember them all. With Nordpass you only have to remember one strong, secure password. The rest are securely stored and encrypted on our servers so you don’t have to stress about forgetting them

– Password Generator: create a unique password for each website in seconds with NordPass’s built-in password generator. You can even specify the minimum number of characters and required types (uppercase, lowercase, numbers, symbols)

– Safe bookmarks: NordPass allows you to save your bookmarks in one place so that they are accessible across devices. These are encrypted on our servers but only you have access to them! – Security Audit Log: Check which websites and apps you’ve logged into recently with Nordpass. Keep track of your activity with NordPass’s security audit log – only you can access it!

– Two Factor Authentication (2FA): Nordpass supports 2-Factor Authentication (2FA) to provide an extra layer of protection for your passwords. When signing up or logging in, you will be prompted for a unique code generated by Authy or Google Authenticator. This requires you to have your mobile device on you while signing in.

– Sync across devices: the NordPass app is available for both iOS and Android. Your passwords are encrypted before leaving your device, so no one but you can access them – not even us!

– Save Credit Card information: Nordpass makes it easy to store credit card information so you can quickly fill out forms on your mobile device. – Fast & easy account login: instead of filling in lengthy account information every time, NordPass takes care of this for you by securely storing it and retrieving it when needed.

– AutoFill passwords across devices: When signing up or logging into a website, Nordpass can automatically fill in your password for you. No more time wasted looking up passwords! – Customize your saved login info: Nordpass allows you to select the fields of information that are automatically included when retrieving a credential from your account, allowing you to easily pre-fill forms on your device without compromising security.

– Bookmarks & History: Nordpass securely saves your browsing history, bookmarks and passwords. These are encrypted on our servers but only you have access to them!

– Secure backup: With Nordpass you no longer need to rely on your browser or computer for secure storage of your login information. You can even backup all of the data in one touch so it’s always safe. – Access across devices: With Nordpass, your data is available across ALL devices – laptop, desktop or mobile.

– Search: the password list can be searched for specific entries based on name, website or username. What makes NordPass unique?

– Nordpass Encrypts Your Saved Logins: How secure are my passwords? We understand how important it is for everyone to keep their information secure. That’s why Nordpass encrypts all of your saved usernames and passwords before they are uploaded to our servers using AES-256 encryption – the same algorithm used by the US Government. Nordpass never decrypts your information during this process. This means that even if someone was to obtain access to your data, they could not use it since the passwords are encrypted. The encryption keys are stored in our highly secured servers that are configured in such a way that makes them inaccessible from outside sources – including us

– Plans & Pricing: Nordpass offers a free plan. Paid plans offer additional features such as Sync, enhanced search and secure backup of all your usernames and passwords. Nordpass also offers family sharing for up to 6 users (one membership per user) allowing you to share access to your shared logins with your household while keeping them under one account. – Sync across devices: the NordPass app is available for both iOS and Android. Your passwords are encrypted before leaving your device, so no one but you can access them – not even us!


Nordpass is a great password manager for your android device. It’s completely free of charge and also available on iOS smartphones. Besides, it offers a lot of features that make managing your passwords more enjoyable.