Know the 8 Table Tennis Mistakes and their Quick Solutions

 “Even if you are in good luck and good condition, you may still be losing in the game, and then you just accept the failure.”Persson.

Table tennis is such a game which may look very easy and simple to play, and if you ever happen to look over-confident, then your confidence would be shattered into pieces. This is the beauty of this sport.

Table Tennis Mistakes and How to Correct Them?

As mentioned earlier, though this sport looks very simple in reality, it is very tricky. It requires the coordination of three things, which are physics, brain, muscles.

Any player loses focus on any one factor then it’s tough to master over this game. However, without making any mistakes, one cannot learn. It’s a game, so definitely, there is a chance of mistakes which is very normal because nothing is perfect in this universe.

The more faults you do, the more you learn because we learn from our mistakes. These mistakes only make us a strong, quick, and a better player.

Let’s quickly review what simple mistakes are made and how to correct them.

1. Unaware of the rules and regulations

Before writing, we should learn to read and understand the basic alphabet. Likewise, before playing table tennis, it’s the primary duty to know all the rules and regulations of this sport or else it is a matter of shame for the player. There are few sets of rules and regulations which are very simple and easy to understand. Knowing all the rules and regulations is very crucial for a player, or else he/she can’t play the sport.

How to overcome– Get to know about all the table tennis rules and regulations so that one will avoid the fundamental mistake in table tennis. Go for online tutorials, learn the basics, and then practice.

2. Standing too close to the table

Those who play table tennis for the first time they are unaware of the fact that they are standing took close to the table. If they stand too close, then they don’t have enough time to give a spontaneous response to your challenger and the ball after serving fall down on a greater depth on the opposite side.

On the other side, there would be very less area to play the next stroke. You can only block and push. One can’t learn the proper footwork and backhand loop.

How to overcome – the minimum distance to maintain between you and the table should be 40-50 cm.

3. Holding the bat too tight

Holding the racket too tight is a common blunder that the beginners do. Your muscles in your wrist and arm are too tight; it may happen due to natural phenomena as you are too worried. Undoubtedly, it will obstruct you from giving good stroke and give very jerky serve.

How to overcomeRelax yourself have a loose grip on your bat, which will allow one to use his wrist more efficiently to create good spin. One will find it easier to change between strokes and change the bat angle, and you will be able to play quicker and efficient shots.

4. Incorrect grip

Without holding a pen correctly, we cannot write. Likewise, without knowing the art of holding the racket properly, we cannot correctly play this sport. This is very important for every player to know the correct grip of the racket and what should be the position of the fingers.

There are four styles of grip, and you need to master these individually to play the game smoothly.

How to overcome It may look complicated for you to understand and implement, but in reality, it’s elementary and simple. We can know how to hold the bat properly and accustom oneself to know how to place fingers in the right place. This helps in improving the style of grip, which will help one to win the table tennis match.

5. Lack of regular practice

To master a particular art, we need to devote time daily then only we will get the fruitful result in return. The harder you work, the more success you get. Similarly, if you want to master the art of table tennis, then you need to practice table tennis every day. Then only you can overpower our fault which regularly happens in this sport. As the table tennis is 50% mind game, your brain needs to be focused.

How to overcome – You can only overcome this by taking out time from your busy schedule and doing an ample amount of practice to make the game, even more, better and work on your weaknesses. Just take your table tennis game to the next level.

6. Bad position

In table tennis, the position of the player matters the most. The common mistake committed by people about the position is that people move the arm before the leg. In other words, you get your first move towards the stroke incorrectly, where the risk of failure is huge.

How to overcomeIn order to overcome this problem, precautions should be taken, such as moving your feet to the right position before opting for the next stroke. In this way, you can eliminate bad strokes and get consistent good strokes.

7. Incorrect racket angle

For instance, you choose the right position for the stroke, but you kept your racket in the wrong angle. In such cases, you may lose a point as the ball will either go into the net or goes off the table.

How to overcome– Pay attention to your moves. And practice getting the right ball spin with the correct angle of racket.

8. Table conditions

The table has different textures, which you need to take a look. The surface of the table plays a vital role in letting the ball spin and drift. If you ignore this factor, you may lose the game and let the other player snatch your trophy.

How to overcomeSome tables have a smooth surface, and some have rough conditions. Before starting the game, take a quick scan of the surface and make strategies accordingly.

Table tennis is a spontaneous and magnificent sport and demands a fast and quick response. It is a game that is entertained by people of all age groups like men, women, young and old. So, start working on your weaknesses and avoid these common mistakes in the match. Stay Fit!!!

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