Improve Your Game With These 12 Table Tennis Tips For Beginners

Need to excel in Table Tennis?? Then some good tips can help you out.

Above all, you should know that- this is a rapid game that requires immediate reactions. So, we are here to help you with this. Let’s learn some table tennis tips to play table tennis so that you can dominate your opponent and take the match to the next level.

Master the Fundamentals

Like any other sport, it’s crucial to train and master yourself into the basics. Take the time to learn to attack and defense, learn the spin, how you should move your feet. You’ll do lot of mistakes during initial days. We have written an article on “top table tennis mistakes to avoid” which you can follow.

After that, recognize points where you lack in your game and work on them so as to defeat your rival. Work on it till you master on them.

Eventually, watch videos from the top table tennis Youtube channels and try to imitate the movement of players while playing.

12 Table Tennis Tips

Make “spin” your best friend

Spin?? Yeah, the most important and difficult part of the game.

The process of learning may be difficult, but it is the key to beat your opponent at any skill level.

Keep these two tips in mind while playing.

  • You should always keep an eye to your opponent’s racket as they revert the ball to you since it will bounce and come to you in the same direction.
  • Keep your eye on the logo printed on the ball. If the logo seems blurry, then it would mean that the spin will have a larger effect.

After all, it’s you who knows better where you lack and how to overcome that. All you need to do is, make your checklist, and work on that. Learn how to face a spin ball and strike a spin to your opponent as well.

“Practice makes a man perfect.”

Well, the above proverb is enough to narrate what we mean to say. Yes, practice. That you need to do every day. Possibly there is no alternative for practice, and one should do it as much as they can.

Giving shine to your weak points, you should always remember that a player practice to improve his game, but he plays a tournament when he wants to win.

You can play practice matches to enhance or improve your game and to learn new skills.


One of the most integral parts of this sport is the serves. Serves can be used as a maneuver to collect a point against your opponent. There are a variety of ways you can serve that can help you to lead the game.

You can learn good serve rules and work on them accordingly

Use heights in different ways

The main aim is to retain a balanced technique for the best effects. Flat shots, backswing, forehand loops, forearm swings are some of the ways to attack the ball, which helps to gain the most operative shorts.

Short Swings

One may have a habit of taking longer swings in sports such as basketball, golf or tennis, but in table tennis, shorter swings are preferable. There are chances of error in long swings.

However, shorter swings grant you to be more comprehensive, accurate, and consistent. When you’re performing topspin offensive shots, only then you can use long swings.

Choose correct equipment

A basic paddle should be used by the beginners to get a tinge of the game. When your game gets polished, you can go for a sharp blade paddle to sharpen the skills and techniques rather than being dependent on the equipment wholly.

Keep a good position

An excellent ready position of the body helps to move immediately in any direction. A fundamental series of table tennis strokes are-

  • Be prepared for any shot, to move in any direction.
  • Stroke the table tennis ball
  • Retrieve to a good position
  • Repeat the above points until a rally gets over

Table tennis racket

You should always use your table tennis racket. Every player is comfortable with his own racket since every racket has its own touch and feel.

You should also respect your racket, always keep it in a case, when not in use. If the racket is of a sponge rubber surface, you should wash it after every use with a racket cleaner or with soap.

Get a table tennis practice partner(s)

You are lucky if you find a partner with similar interests. Its no doubt an excellent choice to join a table tennis club and train yourself with your partner to increase the level.

Likewise, you should improve your game by playing with some senior players. Well, there are also table tennis robots at the coaching clubs to practice with you and train you.

Enrolment for a course

Do you want to make table tennis as your career? If Yes. Then go for it

Without wasting your time, enroll yourself in a club or join some sports school so that it would help you enhance your skills, abilities, and knowledge. It would definitely make you serious and symmetric about the game.

All the Best!

Keep calm

To be successful, say bye to tantrums and should always keep control of your temper.

If you’re losing shots, never get mad. In fact, question yourself what the solution for this is.

If it’s your turn to serve the ball, don’t panic, you’ve been allotted an ample amount of time to think and to make decisions according to it. Take advantage of it.

The Endnote

The International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) conducts and supervises the Championships of Table Tennis across the world. It is only after the 2000 Olympics which was held in Sydney, Australia that the ITTF incorporated a variety of changes to the sport which aimed at making table tennis more possible as a televised event sport.

If you are really serious about improving your table tennis game, donating at least 5 to 6 hours to it per day is enough. Everyone has their way, strategies, and tricks to win a particular game. Always practice and be righteous towards the game. Cheers!

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