What Is Team Chest For Coin Master

Are you wondering how the Team Chest for Coin Master works? We are here to elaborate!

You must have heard how teamwork can make wonders happen. This is exactly what Coin Master brings to you through the Team Chest. You can join forces and play with your friends and family in the game and work towards a shared goal. The New Team Chest offered by Coin Master is an event that gives the platform to you and your friends in your team to collaborate and compete with other teams. If you gain victory, you win a grand prize. What is the prize? Well, it is a magical chest, containing the most sought-after rewards.

How does it work?

Well, first, you have to join a team before the event, Team Chest, starts. You need to get into the team spirit- and forget every ‘I’- it is ‘We’ from then onwards. Once you have done so, you can easily join the event at the time of your choice. Each of the Team Chest events will assign you a specific minimum number of special items that you can add to the Team to underline your contribution. Once you have collected these items, you are in! You can also keep an eye on the progress of your team through the progress bar right above the leaderboard. This will show the status of your team, walking towards the grand award.

What do the missions and rewards entail?

Well, there is no one mission- your team will have to go through a number of them, and each time one mission is successfully executed, the Team Chest will upgrade with better rewards. Once your Team and you fulfill the minimum requirement for the event, you can collect the rewards by clicking the ‘Collect’ button on the ‘Team Contributors’ leadership. You will then read the ‘Team Chest Completed’ note on the progress bar. However, if your Team fails to reach that threshold during the duration of the event, the rewards cannot be collected and the bar will read ‘Team Chest Has Ended’.