What Is Tor Browser & Used For

Tor Browser is a free and open-source web browser developed by The Tor Project. It uses the Tor network to protect users’ privacy from network surveillance, conceals identity from websites visited, and bypass Internet censorship blocks used in certain regions or countries.

In simple language, when you use Tor Browser your internet traffic goes through a few different places in the world called relays. These people or organizations that run these relays don’t know where it came from and who sent it to them, they just forward your internet requests on to the next relay. After some time it will get to its destination via multiple jumps that are not directly related to each other.

You probably use Google Chrome or Internet Explorer to visit websites. When you use those browsers your internet traffic leaves a trail of information behind it when you request a webpage from a server. That includes your IP address and the web pages you visit. If you are living in a country or city where there is censorship and the Internet is monitored, then you could be in danger for simply clicking on or visiting a website that certain people do not want you to see. To protect against this, Tor Browser anonymizes your internet traffic so no one can see what websites you are visiting and where you are from. It comes with built-in security settings to keep hackers, eavesdroppers, ISPs and websites from knowing your location or tracking your browsing habits.

It is pretty easy to download Tor Browser on Windows, MacOSX, or Linux. If you are using an Android phone there are also apps that can help you access the Internet while preserving your anonymity.